Paralysis that grips our nation must end

Nov. 15, 2012 @ 11:34 AM

Published Nov. 11, 2012

I write this before the presidential election and really have no clue who will eventually prevail.  I will say without hesitation that though I may not be thrilled with the outcome of this election that I am happy with this election.  Why?  First of all, I say that I am glad that this is over.  Elections in our country have become an unnecessarily grueling marathon of slander and misinformation.  Mud (and much worse) has been slung unceasingly for months.  Yet it is a wonderful thing!
I must remind my friends whatever your beliefs about what kind of a country you want that we are blessed to be able to choose our leaders.  In places like Syria they are counting bodies not ballots.  Such has been the way of the world until our forefathers introduced a more civilized and peaceful way of governing.
Whatever the outcome a new election gives hope for a new beginning.  The government will have a (slightly) new look and there will be talk of a new era of cooperation that will (hopefully not too) soon probably go to naught, but for a while it will be good to think that our government might just work for a while.
We should enjoy this short respite before the next election cycle starts, as our due for having withstood yet another battle in the ongoing partisan war but more importantly as an opportunity to drive home to our representatives to demand that they are to work with the executive and attack our country’s problems instead of each other.
The paralysis that has gripped our country must stop and we will have no better opportunity than the post-election period to make this wish known.  Sensible people of all political stripes are unhappy.  I for one am puzzled as to who the 9 percent of the people are that think that Congress is doing a good job.
I wish it were as easy as electing good people, letting them do their jobs and allowing us to get back to our lives trusting that things were going to be handled.  It hasn’t worked that way for a while.  Our “representatives” work for the folks that write the big checks whose interest are often at counterpoint to the majority of their constituents.  This isn’t going to be fixed until we demand better.  As long as this system works for them it won’t matter that it doesn’t work for us.
Contact your representatives and demand a higher level of performance.  An election is a job review and the folks that have just been elected have had a successful review.  We must however put them on notice that this review is conditional based on better results to us: their employers.
Try to support whoever wins as president. There has been a tendency for the last four cycles not to accept the winner as being the leader of our country if you didn’t vote for him.  Look at the results.  The debt that we have accumulated over the last 12 years is the easiest example.  We can’t raise taxes and we can’t cut expenses because our representatives are more interested in fighting each other than the problem. 
Abe Lincoln was one of our greatest presidents, yet the country fell apart under his leadership because America was so polarized (sound familiar?). He put us back together but look at the cost. We can’t afford to go down that path again. Take stock of what’s important to our country as a whole and light a fire under our government. Let’s get moving in the right direction again. Together!

Marshall White lives in Archdale.