Your View: Obama’s drone kills hurt U.S. image in world

Feb. 14, 2013 @ 01:33 AM

I noticed in the Feb. 8 Enterprise that you put a big Thumbs Down on people freaking out over Obama’s use of drones.  If you want to discuss “caution” then consider the numbers of U.S. drone strikes and deaths compiled by Sun News:
• George W. Bush ordered 52 drone attacks during his eight years of presidency, which resulted in 440 deaths.
• Barack Obama, so far, has ordered 300 drone strikes which have resulted in 2,150 deaths, including children, in just over four years.
Recently, Fairleigh Dickinson University released a poll where a large number of Americans, 48 percent, believe it is illegal to “target U.S. citizens living in other countries with drones” while only 24 percent believe it to be legal. The poll results also indicate that a majority of Americans approve the use of drone attacks against “people and other targets deemed to be a threat to the United States,” whether the attacks are carried out by the CIA or the military as long as those targets are not U.S. citizens.
The UK’s Guardian questions if Obama’s “single digit” civilian death claim can stand up to scrutiny and reports that the White House assertion is inaccurate, as hard data on drones is “difficult to come by.” The Washington-based New American Foundation keeps count of civilian casualties by U.S. drones and suggests that since 2004, civilian deaths have been in the “double digits” every year except 2012.
Someone please be so kind as to show me in the United States Constitution where the president of the United States is granted the broad power of assassination. Explain to me why a president would create a “kill list” and make this known. It sends mixed signals to our allies and to the world and demonizes America and Americans worldwide as cold, callous murderers.
High Point

President is overstepping his authority
The election is over. It was one that I believe was full of massive fraud from Ohio to Pennsylvania and Florida to Virginia.  You cannot have 100 percent to 130 percent of precincts voting for any one person (Obama).  It’s a mathematical impossibility.
We have gone from $10.5 trillion to $16.5 trillion in debt, and according to this president we don’t have a spending problem.  He is reducing our nuclear arsenal again, trying to convince U.S. citizens guns are the problem with all the violent acts.  This country is a nation of laws not of men, and this president is breaking our laws and not enforcing others.
I could make a list but this paper would be as large as the Washington Post.  There is a  threat to our nation and it is from within. ... We cannot sustain our strength, militarily or economically,  with our debt and a president who takes it upon himself to create executive orders that circumvent Congress and deems a drone can kill U.S. citizens without trial no matter if they live outside this country.
We have three branches of government, and he thinks he rules over the other two and this country.  Wake up! Look beyond the lies. The truth will always come out.
Mount Airy



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