Our View: It’s been said on hpe.com

Feb. 13, 2013 @ 02:01 AM

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On Jan. 27 in an Our View, “City loses trade show,” we said: The message is clear — High Point needs a mid-sized convention/exhibition/arena facility designed for events other than High Point Market activities. Among some, yes, this is not a popular idea. But the potential that High Point has for drawing conventions, trade shows and other events during off-market times — and that potential is great — simply cannot be tapped without a multipurpose facility that can be adapted for use hosting a variety of events.
In response:
• TaxpayerOne: This isn’t the first major trade show the city has lost. The ICRBE loss should have been the first wake up call. Now that the builder’s show has left it’s still doubtful that anyone in city government will wake up.
We put hundreds of thousands of dollars into nonprofit ventures which provide no financial benefit to anyone other those who operate those ventures. Now we are getting ready to pour $450,000 into a “vision” which will amount to nothing more than “artwork” to hang in city hall.
High Point has had, and has spent, the money that could have been used to buy a tangible events center for downtown High Point. It can still be done, but at this moment in time High Point finds itself several years away from returning to a viable convention city. What should have been done years ago, wasn’t. Now we’re reaping the inevitable loss of the revenues those events had brought to our city for many years.

• Gunner: First, for police or trade center or whatever supposed need we may have, this town is absolutely lousy with empty buildings that can be used for something worthwhile ; just look at all the converted facilities that are now beautiful showrooms.
Second, we would probably have such a facility if the need were perceived as already there, but we are hampered by a lack of visibility/parking/rooms/amenities, if only because the “mover’s” tunnel like proposed focus is downtown, instead of a much more approachable location such as the underused Oak Hollow Mall.
Third, we are victims of a secretive and uneven strategy used by the tax funded CVB “nonprofit”, controlled in reality by local pols who have their own agendas and board seated votes.
There seems to be no straight path to anything done in High Point, and the folks in charge will not brook any real input from the taxpayers at large, much as the little move they now quietly advance to effectively nullify our last election and place themselves in current four year terms rather than the two we allowed them.

• Change: To Gunner et al, and especially to those who we hope will keep the faith and move forward and not be discouraged by the naysayers ... remember this passage when you hear negative rhetoric Jude 1:10 — “Yet these people slander whatever they do not understand, and the very things they do understand by instinct — as irrational animals do — will destroy them.”
We need real solutions and action. Not criticisms and finger-pointing.