Your View: Guest column - Voter ID laws are attempts to steal elections

Feb. 11, 2013 @ 01:53 AM


There has been some discussion on this page about the voter ID laws that have sprung up in several states.
I have some questions for those who support those laws. If they are needed, if they are a good thing, why is it that all of them were passed by Republicans, while Democrats have opposed them vigorously and courts have thrown several of them out? Why haven’t Republicans ever proved voter fraud is a problem?
The answer is simple. These laws have nothing to do with voter fraud. They are blatant attempts to subvert our political process and steal elections despite the will of the people!
Pennsylvania Republican Mike Turzai was caught on video bragging about their ID law with this statement: “Voter ID, which is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania? DONE!”
In court, they couldn’t present a single case of voter fraud to justify their law. Opponents showed that hundreds of thousands of voters, mostly minorities, would be negatively impacted by their law. The court blocked enforcement of it. Romney lost Pennsylvania.
Ohio tried to cut the number of days and hours in which voters could vote in Democratic districts, while allowing more days and longer hours for voters in Republican districts. The court threw that plot out. Doug Preisse, Franklin County Republican Party chairman, was caught saying this: “We shouldn’t contort the voting process to accommodate the African-American-voter-turn-out machine.” That is a clear admission that African-Americans were targeted to keep them from voting!
Florida, infamous for the “hanging chads” that got George W. Bush elected, passed their own voter ID law. They also passed a law which forced the League of Women Voters to stop getting people registered to vote, something the League of Women Voters has been doing for decades. The courts ruled against both laws. Florida mailed out an intimidating letter to thousands of people demanding that they “prove you are a citizen” with the intent of scaring them away from the polls.
Florida concocted a voting ballot 12 pages long in order to back up voting lines so long, people would just give up and not vote! Fortunately, Floridians were forewarned and angry. They stayed in line up to eight hours to vote. Romney lost Florida. Texas’ ID law was also thrown out.
These laws are not about voter fraud or protecting the integrity of the voting process. Statistics show that of 300 million votes cast from 2002 to 2007, only 86 cases of voter fraud were charged. These laws are intended to rig the electoral process so Republicans can win elections they can’t win fairly.
John Hood and the Enterprise are right about one thing. There is a voter ID law coming to our state. New Republican Gov. Pat McCrory has indicated his support. It will be one of the first laws they pass. Then, we will see if the courts allow them to rig the elections in our state.

Carl Routh lives in High Point.