Your View: Some want to sling mud at Trinity Council

Feb. 09, 2013 @ 01:27 AM

I don’t understand why Phillip Chadwell continually criticizes Trinity City Council.  I picked up my High Point Enterprise on Jan. 25 and there he is again with a letter headlined “Attend Council meeting to get full story” in which he uses a combination of innuendos coupled with his own imagination to put the Trinity City Council down again.
Chadwell accuses council members of “craftily postponing votes until they have the votes to carry the decision they want.” What is he talking about?  Who are “they”? All the Council members, or just some of them? And why not name names so that they can face their accuser?
What is so “crafty” about postponing votes?  And when did this “crafty” act of postponing take place?  Perhaps it happened after the Council members were “craftily” seated together at the meeting, “craftily” waiting for it to start?  I suppose it would have been before the Council members “craftily” left the building, “craftily” bidding everybody good night?  That sure must have been an evening filled with craftiness, wouldn’t you say — unless, of course, Chadwell just imagined the whole thing?
Let’s have some facts from Chadwell. It’s self-evident to anyone who’s smarter than a fifth-grader that the articles written are slinging mud at Trinity City Council, while taking great care not to supply any details or verifiable facts.  It’s clear there is hope that some of the mud will stick to individual Council members, yet they cannot adequately respond to these general innuendos.  This is a piece of maneuvering done, to use his own chosen word, “craftily.”
Please knock it off. Why doesn’t Chadwell take a break and say something nice?  It’s nice to be nice.


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