Your View: Foreign countries get U.S. energy money

Feb. 04, 2013 @ 02:38 AM

What is happening to our tax money?  Some $4 billion of Obama’s taxpayer financed “Green Energy” initiative has gone to foreign countries.  The $4 billion is part of “Section 1603 Grant Program for Renewable Energy.”  As of Dec. 5, 2012, $16 billion of Section 1603 has been approved with $4 billion going to subsidiaries of large European and Asian countries according to a report by “The House Energy and Commerce Committee.”  Very few long-term American jobs have been created.  According to the report “Foreign countries appear to have benefited from a program aimed at stimulating the U.S. economy, growing American business and creating U.S. jobs.”
At one point, renewable energy companies collected tax credits and loan guarantees for their projects.  A provision in the stimulus bill turned tax credits into cash payments.  The 1603 program has come under scrutiny after it was revealed that solar panel companies possibly overcharged for their work to collect more stimulus money from taxpayers. According to, North Carolina based LED maker Cree Inc. received over $39 million from the stimulus and later opened their first plant in China. Over half of the employees are now located in China.
The Treasury Department, Department of Energy, State Energy Departments, Department of Transportation and the Corps of Engineers and others, all have some control over the “Section 1603 Grant Program for Renewable Energy.”  No one agency has control of the money, loan guarantees, and tax credits available through the program.
When will the mainstream media begin to report on “Green Energy” and the money it controls?

Please do attend Trinity Council meetings
Although Philip Chadwell’s meandering criticisms of Trinity City Council in his letter of Jan. 25 (“Attend Council meetings to get the full story”) are far too vague to take seriously, I do endorse his suggestion that Trinity citizens should attend council meetings.  I’ve been encouraging my fellow citizens to get involved for years. Anybody that attends will be able not only to make his or her opinions known to the gathered council but also free to observe council members adhering to the laid-down procedure, giving full consideration to the agenda, and doing their best to fulfill their duties.  And isn’t that what we Trinity Council members have been democratically elected to do?
Please do come see us. Monthly meetings are held every third Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Town Hall Annex.
The writer is a member of Trinity City Council.


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