Your View: Gerrymandering, Electoral College cheat democracy

Feb. 03, 2013 @ 02:40 AM

In the last election, the Democrats nationally got 1.1 million more votes for Congress than the Republicans did, but somehow the Republicans retained a 33 seat advantage in the House. How is that possible?
The word is “gerrymandering.” The definition is: “To manipulate an electoral area, usually by altering its boundaries, in order to gain an UNFAIR political advantage in an election.”
UNFAIR... Cheating... Why? Because they cannot win FAIRLY. Hey, Democrats have done this as well and it is just as bad, but the Republicans have made a science out of gerrymandering.
It is legal cheating, but cheating none the less because it takes the power of the people away, the vote that so many in our history fought and died for, and gives it to a selected few.
The Republicans that hold a statewide majority have, without the morale foreboding of an 8-year-old, done this despicable deed in Pennsylvania, Ohio and other states, Will North Carolina legislators lower themselves to do this?
I ask you not as Republican, Democrat, liberal or conservative, But as one mature voter to another, someone that is offended by cheating. Do you take offense to this blatant cheating and what are you willing to do to give back some degree of respect to your party?
I see many on the pages of the HPE talk about the “morale decline” and that “good lessons start at  home.”
The only way to put a stop to this nonsense is to make all elections by popular vote and do away with the “Electoral College.” There used to be good reason for the “College,” but now with the Internet and news sources that reach into every corner of America, the “College” is obsolete. But it is being used to corrupt our political process.

Some don’t realize we’re deeply in debt
I read with great interest Charles Baker’s letter to the editor Jan. 20 and Pat Cain’s letter Jan. 23 about the debt ceiling. I found it quite ironic that the cartoon on the same page with Cain’s letter showed President Obama swearing on a stack of debt and surrounded by stacks of debt.
I also found an article in the Jan. 23 paper very interesting. It was headlined, “Number of groups want McCrory to expand Medicaid” and states the groups support an N.C. expansion of Medicaid from the federal Affordable Care Act. They point out the coverage would be paid fully by the federal government at first. Excuse me? Who pays the federal government? We, the taxpayers! Interesting, too, were the names of some of the groups.
By the way, when did Social Security become an “entitlement”? I paid for it when I worked.
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