Your View: Sales tax backers want to punish poor

Feb. 01, 2013 @ 01:05 AM

Once again Raleigh is trying a quick end run to punish the poor.
They (legislators) claim they can raise the sales tax and eliminate the income tax.  Wow!  Sounds great.  But hold on, sales tax is the most regressive tax there is, ask any economist.  It puts the greatest burden on the poor as they will pay the tax on more of their income than well-to-do.
That is only one consideration.  State income tax raises $11 billion and sales tax raises $6.6 billion per year.  That means sales tax would have to increase 260 percent to make up for stopping the income tax.  Look for a sales tax rate of  17.5 cents instead of the current  6.75 cents. 
Note to Raleigh shell game con men — learn math and then quit trying to sell a bill of goods to the public; we are not all stupid.

Ungodly leadership is destroying county
Some people just don’t get it. A lady was asking what can we do to stop the school violence. When they took God out of the schools, they invited evil in. Can anyone deny this?
When people call God’s word a lie and keep throwing mud in his face, they are going to pay a price. Just as an innocent animal once suffered for our sins as a sacrifice, an innocent child is paying the same price now.
We are slowly destroying this county with ungodly leadership.
The Democrats has convinced mostly unmarried women they can go wild and do what they want with no consequences. Think so? Don’t you think with all this happening and also getting worse that it really is time for a change.
The people in Sodom and Gomorrah’s day thought God’s word was a joke. I’m afraid the joke was on them, just as it is going to be on us. We are headed for another $1 trillion in debt, and that ain’t no joke.



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