Your View: Obama’s re-election testifies to nation’s greatness

Jan. 31, 2013 @ 02:37 AM

As I watched the inauguration of Barack Obama, it dawned on me what a momentous day it represented in the life of our nation.  Having been born in the era when segregation and Jim Crow ruled many parts of this country, it demonstrated that God indeed has a sense of humor.  With the inauguration falling on the birthday of the civil rights leader the Rev. Dr. Martin L. King, God has proclaimed His thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways not our ways.
Not far from where King delivered his noteworthy “I Have a Dream” speech, we again watched a man of biracial lineage recite the oath of office for president of this great country.  With segregation representing separation of the races as well as oppression of a people, God in His infinite wisdom saw fit to place a man that represents both ends of the spectrum in that position.
To the rest of the world, this occasion illustrates the desire to champion human rights and to aid oppressed people everywhere. With our continuing to clean up our own house, it gives us more credibility on the international stage.  Just as kids struggle with parents who say do what I say and not what I do, so does the international community.  By witnessing the re-election of President Obama, the world sees the democratic process at its best and our country’s ability to put things behind us as we move forward.
We have shown that in this country, everyone has the audacity to hope for a better life based on their abilities and efforts.  It is remarkable to note that as our country continues to evolve that divisive issues are addressed and dealt with without the bloodshed we see in some countries today. 
Despite growing pains, we reach for higher heights by tackling the hard questions while seeking the right answer. May other countries see and follow our example. God Bless America.
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