Our View: It’s been said on hpe.com

Jan. 31, 2013 @ 01:35 AM

From Mike Hughes, “We’re victims of societal change,” Dec. 30:
Something has changed in America during my lifetime. Guns are easy to blame, but guns have been widely available in America for well over 200 years. ... If we want to prevent these tragedies, then we should be asking what’s changed over the last few decades. The answer isn’t very hard to see.
We’ve experienced a decline in traditional American values and a rise in secular progressivism. Our society has rejected positive role models and moral authority while glorifying stupidity, conceit and exhibitionism. Parents no longer teach their children how to be productive citizens and schools no longer teach what made America great. Common sense no longer applies. Honesty and personal responsibility have been replaced with a sense of victimization and entitlement.

In response:
• ZacharyCabon to Mrmike: If it were against the law to manufacture and sell such guns, then the “bad guys” who violate the law could be prosecuted. As it is, they are capitalizing on violence.
Hughes might think that’s great — make a buck by any means possible, but changing what guns are manufactured and sold is realistic. Changing “all of the above” (society) is not a practical solution.
• Mrmike to ZacharyCabon: Another display of ZC’s absolute faith in government. Yeah, they do such a great job of catching the bad guys now, don’t they. They even “give” guns to the bad guys (Fast & Furious), but that doesn’t affect the faithful.
Changing what guns are manufactured and sold will not solve the problem. Changing all of the above will. It is a practical solution because it’s not a big change. It would start with parents taking responsibility and teaching their children how to deal with failure. This can all be done without government rules and regulations, which is why ZC has no faith in it.
• Revots: Hughes said, “Another change that’s occurred during my lifetime is the assault on religion, specifically Christianity.” ... Not true. Not true at all. Religion, and Christianity in particular, is alive in well in America. In fact it’s thriving; it’s a growth industry.
Hughes said, “Children aren’t allowed to pray in school, but are indoctrinated in the progressive agenda.” ... Again, just not true. Children (and teens, adults and seniors for that matter) can pray any time and place they choose. No one is stopping anyone from praying. The First Amendment assures your right to pray to the God of “your” choosing, just like it assures my right not to have to pray to the God of “your” choosing.