Your View: It’s the biggest lie told about taxes

Dec. 12, 2012 @ 01:10 AM

We have all read stories about the percentage of citizens who pay absolutely no federal taxes. According to most accounts it is almost 50 percent. I believe those stories are among the biggest deceptions ever perpetrated on the American public. Follow my logic please!
Some of the 50 percent are retirees, some on public assistance and many are low-income workers who are paid for their time or their service.
Almost all of the “rich” taxpayers are involved in either selling a product, a service, or investing in companies that do.
Raise taxes on these “rich” and they simply become a part of their “cost of business.” When costs rise, business owners raise prices to cover the cost. All the cost is ultimately paid by the consumer of the product or service. This cost is shared by EVERY consumer, rich, poor or whatever!
So, “poor” non-taxpaying citizens who use almost all income for necessities and the “rich” taxpayer both pay taxes only on what they use, eat or throw away.
The difference? The “rich” taxpayer passes on taxes to customers except that fraction which he consumes. The “poor,” having no product to which to add “tax cost” is paying all the “passed-along” taxes on every product used!
Which person pays a higher percentage of income in taxes? It’s not even close. It is the poor citizen who has been told he is paying no taxes at all!
If you are in the poor category and are grateful for your government leaders soaking the rich instead of you, I hate to be the one to tell you, but you’ve been told the biggest lie ever regarding taxation.
Is there a better way? Yes, the FairTax. Until it’s passed, the poorer you are, the higher true percentage you really pay. Don’t let anyone tell you different. It is a lie!

Thanks for support in schools race
I am honored to have been re-elected to serve the citizens of Guilford County as an At-large member of the Board of Education.
It is with deep appreciation and humility that I say thank you to supporters for the friendship and assistance extended to me throughout the 2012 campaign. Your advice and counsel served as a source of encouragement and inspiration as I battled for my seat in a hotly contested race. It was comforting to know how committed so many of you are to shaping the policies that affect our students, and I am proud to be working for you.
Because campaign financing is a necessary but burdensome aspect of the election process, I was forced to call on friends and PAC members for help.  The response was gratifying.  Thanks to them, I was able to mount a strong campaign and get my message out about the need for better schools and improved instructional services.
I look forward to working in partnership with other elected officials, with parents, with the GCS administration and teachers to increase educational opportunities for all of our children in the years to come.



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