Your View: Thomasville bus system wastes taxpayer dollars

Apr. 22, 2013 @ 09:28 PM

The free bus service in Thomasville should be discontinued or be changed to a fare-paying service. People will continue to use free service if available.
I have no problem with providing senior and disabled free services, however, I do not think we should be providing free bus service to people that can to afford to pay a fare or people that just want to ride from one part of the city to another. 
The bus operates 12 hours daily, but approximately 100 people ride the bus daily.  Ridership does not justify the cost for operating the bus service.  Stop wasting taxpayer funds to give people more freebies.  Do not waste more funds to construct shelters at bus stops.

Many ‘evolutionists’ are changing their views
Many professional evolutionists are now confronted with scientific data and the evidence from their own research against evolution, resulting in the signing of a petition by over 600 evolutionists with earned doctorates in leading universities around the world that they no longer support the theory of evolution.
Some of the greatest creationists of our day were once evolutionists, such as the late Henry Morris, Ph.D., president and founder of the Institute for Creation Research, Gary Parker, Ed.D., author with Morris of “What Is Creation Science?” There is also Professor Dean Kenyon, coordinator of the general biology program at San Francisco State University who also co-authored “Biochemical Predestination,” a standard work on the origin of life, and who taught courses on the origin of life for years. He also wrote the “Forward” in “What Is Creation Science?”
He wrote: “If after reading this book and reflecting on its arguments, one still prefers the evolutionary view or still contends that the creationist view is religion and evolution is pure science, he should ask himself whether something other than facts of nature is influencing his thinking about origins.”
Many professional evolutionists are beginning to take science more seriously, beyond speculation and imagination, stating, “Evolution is close-mindedness and far removed from true scientific inquiry.” After Stanley Miller’s famous 1953 experiment, many evolutionary biologists believed amino acids could form and combine spontaneously to form proteins (building blocks of living cells) in nature. But further experiments have proven it to be impossible, nor can DNA form outside of a living cell.
However, opposing the evidence of Intelligent Design, they imposed a new theory-RNA world. Pre [primitive] RNA is now the key to first life.
II Timothy 3:7 states, they are “Ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”



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