Your View: School safety bill puts children, not politics, first

Apr. 10, 2013 @ 07:49 PM

Over the last few years, many of us have become jaded by partisanship we see in the political process.  Whether that be on the local, state or national stage, it oftentimes appears as if it does not matter if there is a sound, reasonable and much-needed bill that is presented, politicians voted strictly along party lines.
With the recent tragedies of Sandy Hook and other attempts to produce mayhem, the gun control issue has been bantered about in our media as well as at the kitchen table as sides have been drawn by advocates for and against.  As the majority of us watched and prayed that a resolution would be reached and our children kept out of harm’s way as much as humanly possible, there has arisen a glimmer of hope in N.C. politics that we need to nurture as if it was a new-born.
Lo and behold, a bill has been introduced in the Raleigh chambers of the House that addresses public school safety. It shows potential for being a welcomed response to concerns we have for our children’s safety.  The bill’s beauty is that it has gained support on both sides of the political divide; that demonstrates putting people before political agendas.  As a people of this fine state, we need to utilize whatever means available to voice our pleasure with a bill of this magnitude that cannot only put a parent’s mind at ease but children’s as well.
Kudos to proponents of this bill for stepping up to the plate to address this issue that as a people we can all agree.  No matter what our political inclinations, there is nothing more dear to our hearts than the welfare of our children. Our desire for our politicians is for them to continue to do the next right thing to protect our children.
High Point

We are called to combat abominations
This is in response to the writer who sometime back wrote a letter headlined “We don’t get to pick and choose who God loves:”
God’s way is not like ours. The Bible clearly says what God hates. If people don’t try to reach others about these abominations, then who will? We are God’s tools to teach what is right and wrong.
The Bible states that we constantly fight Satan. Hell was made for Satan and his angels. If Satan could take one-third of God’s angels, then why couldn’t he fool mere people? To me, you may as well use God’s name in vain to take up for the abominations or any sin.
People play a dangerous thing when they tell people to go against God’s word. I believe that we will eventually pay a heavy price for our country going against his word. The Jews still suffer for being disobedient to God. Why should we not suffer for rubbing mud in his face?


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