Your View: Benghazi hearings show administration cover-up

May. 11, 2013 @ 07:49 PM

Thumbs DOWN to the High Point Enterprise for blindly repeating the administration’s published talking points concerning the Congressional Investigation into the happenings in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012. You claim it is “spearheaded” by the GOP, yet deny the facts uncovered which prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that then-Secretary of State and perpetual presidential candidate Hillary Clinton LIED repeatedly about the attacks and blamed them on a video that later caused riots and more deaths across the middle east.
To deny that President Obama and Clinton were themselves guilty of responding to the attack that left four Americans dead was “politically motivated” is a disservice to your readers and to journalism itself. An American ambassador was murdered as the Obama White House, or someone inside of it, ordered our military to stand down. There was not even a request to the government of Libya for permission to fly over their airspace to conduct a rescue mission, as testimony revealed they had only been ordered to ask for permission to fly an unmanned drone inside of Libya’s borders.
Survivors of the Benghazi tragedy testified that they were left on their own to try to survive the charge of radical Islamic terrorists. The phrase “stop whining” was used in communication with Americans on the ground in Benghazi despite our nation’s intelligence services admitting that there was a “buzz” prior to that night that the attacks were imminent.
If Barack Obama didn’t order our military to stand down, he is an incompetent commander-in-chief. If he did give the order, he is a TRAITOR.
The Democrats pinned the blame on impersonal abstract scapegoats who can’t be elected president. Blaming “procedures” and “protocols” upside is that they don’t object to being fired and they can’t leak information to the press in retaliation.
High Point

Who will pay for what High Point needs?
It’s nice to see in the newspaper what everyone wants in High Point, and a lot of those things would be nice. But please inform us who is going to pay for all these parks and walkways, etc. We can’t pay for the parks and pave the streets we have now. I believe we have had a tax increase for the past two years. I can’t stand for anymore of my check to be taken!
High Point

A letter Friday gave the incorrect color of High Point University umbrella decals that indicate were students shop around the city. They are purple.



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