Your View: Do you want to live in a police state?

May. 02, 2013 @ 09:45 PM

Because of the Boston bombings, the mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, says that our laws and our interpretation of the Constitution have to change. I disagree. Many people think that more surveillance cameras, and police spying, are needed.
You could drastically reduce crime by putting surveillance cameras in every vehicle, home, business, church, and on every street corner. Would you want to live in such a police state? Not me. If we give up our rights, then the terrorists, and “Big Brother’’ win.
I agree with the quote by Benjamin Franklin: “Those who would give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or security.”

High Point has promising attributes
With great anticipation, I look forward to the City Project charrettes with Andres Duany .  DPZ, Duany’s architectural and city planning firm, is world renowned for its urban style plans.
After living in 20-odd cities all across the U.S., my late wife and I chose to remain in High Point after my retirement from the furniture industry.  None of the cities in which we previously lived had the unique potential that I see in High Point.
Some of the attributes that set this city apart include its beautiful geographical location and climate, the High Point Market, High Point University, our hospital’s growth and stature, and especially the admirable way that our community responds to meet its challenges.  Our United Way is consistently one of the better performing across the country, with more than six times the average Alexis de Tocqueville donors for a community of our size.
Cities with the most promising environments are cities which have their community leaders dedicated to improving the local economic and social climates.  I am convinced that if the general populace of High Point gets behind our leaders and enthusiastically supports this effort, it will be highly successful and thus beneficial to the entire community.
High Point


A bill in the N.C. Legislature would allow concealed carry permittees to keep a handgun locked in their vehicles while in state and University of North Carolina system parking lots. Should this be allowed or should the firearms ban be continued. In 30 words or less (no name, address required), email your thoughts to

A bill in the N.C. Legislature would extend the mandatory waiting period to get a divorce to two years instead of one, require couples to take courses in hopes of reconsidering divorce and also allow them to live together instead of separating during the process. What’s your view? In 30 words or less (no name, address required), email your thoughts to or go to — — and post a comment.