Your View: Keep judicial elections free of corruption

May. 03, 2013 @ 10:41 PM

As former Republican and Democratic governors, we often disagree. But here’s one area where we agree:  North Carolina’s courts must be protected from the corrosive influence of special-interest campaign money.
Judges in North Carolina run for election; that can lead to the awkward situation of judges raising large campaign donations from those who appear in their courts.  To prevent possible corruption, North Carolina began a public campaign financing program in 2004.
The program provides a statewide voter guide and an alternative source of campaign money to candidates for the N.C. Court of Appeals and Supreme Court, if they meet certain public trust conditions.  They must accept strict spending limits, raise hundreds of small donations from voters to show broad support, and refuse PAC donations.
The program has been very successful. It frees judges from the endless money chase and prevents the appearance that justice is for sale. The program is voluntary and does not use an appropriation from the N.C. General Fund.
State legislators are debating changes in how we select our judges, but let’s all agree on this: As long as judges are elected, we must keep and strengthen the judicial public financing program. For more details, see
Southern Pines

Most attacks on president are hoaxes
Most all the information about President Obama and his character is a “hoax.” The problem with the hoaxers is they choose to believe the lies instead of accepting truth. The truth will not make you free, unless you know what the truth really is.
Fox News is the “hoax network,” that hates the sight (color) of President Obama, yet they call themselves Christians. Everybody can hate in America and Israel and still call it right or justified Christianity. Christianity is not a religion and does not play tricks or con games of pretense or fraud. Hannity, O’Reilly and Rush, all sit on their “behinds” pulling out “garbage rites” of lying deceitful “guilt trips,” to gullible President Obama haters.
America is not broke and we do not spend too much for the exception of hoaxes that receive rather than give. President Obama is not a preacher and his abortion, gay rights and health care stances are constitutional rights that teach freedom of religion, speech and justifiable, injustices for all people. The constitution teaches “rites and wrongs,” but Christianity is “right or wrong.”
Fox News network, talk radio and other “play the people” card haters, are like a dangerous highway, but the highways are not dangerous until these people merge onto them. The problem with many American people is the “sins” of the past are being justified by their willingness not to change, without being accountable for the present. We train our young men and women how to steal, cheat, kill and hate just as our enemies do, and then pretend that they are evil and we are good.
Evil is a religion that all men suffer from, until they accept Jesus Christ as their “personal Savior.” Evil is what evil does, Christianity (“only cure”) is what Jesus “did”!



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