Your View: Family deals with pit bull attack

Jul. 06, 2014 @ 09:02 PM

On June 21, I was privileged to attend a fundraising dinner held at Mount Zion Wesleyan Church for Kim Jones, the victim of a recent vicious pit bull attack.  The resulting wounds inflicted on this lady’s ankle area were horrific.
She has been subjected to several operations, with more to come.  All of the expenses incurred by these surgeries have become the responsibility of the victim. Even in the best of circumstances, these days offer severe challenges to young couples trying to make ends meet. 
As followers of Jesus Christ, we are taught to be prepared for suffering on this earth.  Additionally, we are instructed to forgive others as we ourselves have been forgiven.  The Bible reveals that Our Heavenly Father holds the power of implementing justice in His mighty hands.  Being human, I often tend to forget some of the verses pertaining to forgiveness and revenge. With God’s help, though, I am working on it.
My heart goes out to Kim Jones and her loved ones.  I trust this young woman will be exposed to the loving kindness and benevolent hearts of those of us who profess to walk with the Lord.  May we offer of ourselves,
through our prayers, our thoughts, our resources and whatever other means we may feel led to use, as living testaments that were created to love and care for each other.
“Miss Kim,” a teacher of preschool kids, continues to be a glowing example of the grace as well as the love of which I am speaking.  Just ask those young children who have lost their leader how much she has meant to them and you most assuredly will hear the united reply, “We love her.”
May this point of her life become her hour to flourish and may we, too, allow our lights to shine.



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