Our View: Ups & Downs - Murals around downtown

Jul. 06, 2014 @ 02:35 AM

THUMBS UP to Ryan Saunders and his effort to get local businesses, property owners and mural artists from near and far on the same page with the idea of decorating buildings throughout the city, particularly in the downtown area, with attractive murals. Saunders sees such a plan as a way to make downtown more attractive to younger generations of High Pointers, and he’s using his company, Create Your City, as the catalyst for the idea. Livening up the looks of downtown with murals seems to be a great way to generate interest in bringing people and commercial and leisure-time activities back to downtown. Sprucing up downtown and other areas of the city with murals is an exciting idea, and especially so if it continues to focus on the effort being accomplished by private investment and not appealing to local government for funding.

THUMBS UP to the family of High Point’s Pete Cortese. It certainly was sad news we learned in Friday’s edition of The High Point Enterprise that Cortese died recently before he had the chance to visit the Carolina Field of Honor. That’s the area’s new memorial to men and women who have served in the U.S. military.  Cortese — a 20-year Army veteran who served in Vietnam and back in the day was Sgt. 1st Class Peter Anthony Cortese Sr. — didn’t get to see in person the Field of Honor that he had followed under construction and longed to visit. But Cortese’s family honored him June 16 with a memorial service there. It is believed to be the first memorial service held since the Field of Honor was dedicated May 31. We’re sure Cortese was there in spirit and in the hearts of his family and friends.

THUMBS DOWN to hurricanes that sweep up the Carolina coast while you’re trying to have a fun, family vacation. And even more so when such storms, although smaller in size and strength, still leave damage and injury in their wake.