Your View: Examine our mental health laws, policies

Jan. 15, 2013 @ 01:47 AM

The shooting that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School last month had to make anyone stop and think how and why did this have to happen.
Innocent children and adults were killed for nothing. A lot of people blame it on the gun laws, but they need to blame it on the mental health issue laws. We have people with problems walking and living among us everywhere.
They know how to make bombs, buy guns and a lot of other stuff that they can use to hurt people or things. When this happened in Connecticut, on the same day a man in China did the same thing with a knife.
Those who do this kind of thing are crazy, not stupid. Here in this country, we let them alone unless they make a threat to themselves or someone else. Then the state or government will hold them for a while and turn them loose again.
Other countries have strict gun laws but have more killing and crime than we do. If the strict gun laws are what we need, then what is wrong in New York? We need to do more to try to get the people who need help in a place where they can get help before it’s too late for them or us.
Trying to hid it by the family is no good. Look what it got this man’s mother in Connecticut and the people at the school.

New Trinity Council is doing just fine
The inaccurate and exaggerated Dec. 29 piece on old happenings, “New Trinity Council sees turbulent start,” was about as helpful as a cat flap in an elephant house.
The fact is that Trinity City Council members were duly elected and they then set about doing their duty on behalf of those who’d elected them.  The reason new City Council members were voted in was because a majority of citizens in Trinity were fed up with the antics of the previous council.  We had a problem, we sought a democratic solution, and we got one.  Nothing remarkable there, right?
Then the writer concluded the piece by stating that because grant money for Bathing Rock Park had been returned to Raleigh “many residents are trying to heal from what they felt was a heartbreaking blow that threatened to tear the small town apart.”
What? Who are these guys that the writer knows who are evidently so overcome with emotion to the extent they feel the need to bite into their pillows at night and sob themselves to sleep because of the oppressive and melodramatic atmosphere that now prevails in our small community?  I actually live in Trinity amongst many friends and I can assure the writer that none of us have been carrying on like that.  On the contrary, it’s my impression that the majority of Trinity citizens are very content with the solid performance of our new City Council and we think everything is just fine.



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