Your View: Hurricane Sandy relief bill was loaded with pork

Jan. 13, 2013 @ 02:11 AM

The one thing I liked about Barack Obama when he ran for president in 2008 was his promise to  cut out “pork” spending in our federal budget. On the news on a recent night, I heard how he has failed again at keeping that promise.
Congress was trying to pass a bill to help the people devastated by Hurricane Sandy. They were having trouble because there was so much pork attached to it that some congressmen did not think should be in it.
The hurricane did not damage Alaska or Mississippi or many other states that had projects in the bill. What is wrong with some of our congressmen who can only think of ways to repay their voters instead of what is best for people who are hurting?
And why was President Obama so busy vacationing in Hawaii that he wasn’t here trying to persuade them to eliminate everything except aid to the hurricane victims? Oh, I realize he flew to visit the area, but he didn’t stay in Washington until he got the job done.
High Point

Jewish people have contributed much to world
This is in response to Joseph Zuschmidt’s letter (Your View, Dec. 10, “Letter had no redeeming factors”) in response to Randall Hedrick’s letter (Your View, Dec. 5, “Can a Muslim be a good American?”).
I understand Zuschmidt stating his opinion. However, he doesn’t seem to know or understand what the Quran — the Islamic book of teachings — teaches and advocates.
I do not know Zuschmidt or Hedrick. However, I agree with Hedrick’s opinion on this topic and disagree with Zuschmidt’s opinion. Hedrick’s letter is stating the dangers of the Islamic teachings and warning the people of their beliefs. If one reads the Quran, you will quickly see that Muslims are taught not to be friends with Christians or Jews (Sura 5:17).
I appreciate The High Point Enterprise printing Hedrick’s letter. I shared Hedrick’s letter with many people (friends, family and acquaintances) and each of them thought Hedrick’s letter had better insight on the facts of Islamic teachings. They also expressed their appreciation of the Enterprise for printing the letter.
I feel Zuschmidt’s rebuttal to Hedrick’s letter was his own opinion. However, the people I shared both letters with, and myself, found Hedrick’s letter made reference to many valuable contributions the Jewish people have made to humanity.
I think Hedrick is trying to impress the fact that the Jewish people have contributed much to humankind, and why should another group of people (Muslims) teach that they should dislike the Jewish people or any other group of people.
I am well aware we all have a right to our opinion. But the opinions that I appreciate and agree with are the ones that line up with God’s holy word, to me only the Bible. The Bible was written by the Jews, by the guidance of God’s holy spirit.
Thanks be to Jesus (who was Jewish) for bringing salvation to those who believe in Him. For there is no other name under heaven where a man can be saved (Acts 4:12).


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