Your View: Losing a historic structure is sad

Jun. 13, 2013 @ 10:26 PM

I would submit to you that “Farewell to the Trinity Inn” by Geni Carico (Your View, June 8) is the kind of news a great deal of us dread hearing about, especially a building with a past as this one. In the article, Carico uses the term “historic structure” four times. My question is was the place listed in the National Register of Historic Places? If so, this puts the matter under a different light. If not, most of the time these situations can be avoided by a well-informed historical society. I do not know if one is in place, but it could be administered by the town or by the citizens. No structure that is thought to have historical value should be let to the wrecking ball until every avenue has been investigated fully. I am not that familiar with the designation criteria, however, I am most familiar with the preservation aspect of these tired old places.


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