Your View: Guest Column - Pope will rebuild Church according to Christ

Jun. 12, 2013 @ 09:40 PM


There is much confusion today about the Catholic Church, what she is and what she teaches. There should not be, for the Church has said many times clearly what she is and in many ways what she teaches. The Catechism of the Catholic Church clearly presents what the Church teaches and as Catholics we believe.
When Christ spoke to Francis, not our current Pope Francis, but the Francis that founded my religious order, he said “Go and rebuild MY Church ...” He did not say go and pick and choose what stones to use, He did not say go and build a new church to the liking of the people. Most people living today witnessed Vatican II in the 1960s and reflect on its effects over the last 50 years. It taught us what the Church was and how it was to interact in the world, as Pope Paul VI, John Paul II, Benedict XVI have said, and I’m sure Francis will say, it is Christ’s Church, not our Church to change and form as we please.
The teachings of the Catholic Church are totally consistent with the Bible, the Catholic Church however is not “Bible based.” The Church and its teachings would exist even if the Bible did not, because the Catholic Church was not founded by men based on the Bible. The Church was founded by Christ, on His teachings, handed on to the Apostles and through the Church we receive the Bible. We have the Bible today because the Catholic Church protected and preserved it.
The Church teaches there is no such thing as homosexual marriage, it does not exist. There are homosexual relationships and they are intrinsically disordered, they are not ordered to God‘s creation. Homosexuals must be treated with respect and dignity, but their relationships are not acceptable, they are not morally straight and never will be.
Another topic that is so confusing is women’s “ordination.” This is not possible, a woman cannot be ordained a Catholic priest, never has been and never will be possible.
A totally different topic is a married priesthood. A married man can in certain circumstances, with specific permissions, receive the sacrament of Holy Orders and become a Catholic priest, and there are a few married Catholic priests in the Latin Rite; there are more however in the Eastern Catholic Churches. A man once ordained however cannot simply enter into valid marriage. A very narrow exception to this is a Catholic priest who has been lacized, who can no longer present himself as a Catholic priest, can with the permission of the pope enter into a valid marriage
Pope Francis will rebuild the Church, but will rebuild it according to Christ, not according to the whims and fancies of the world. Christ built His Church upon Peter the rock and there is where it firmly rests.

Rich Pohlman, OFS, lives in High Point. He can be reached for discussion at

Let’s give Duany’s ideas chance to work
I would like to suggest we take a wait and see about Andrew Duany’s container complex for High Point. The last time I tried to prejudge something (Cornerstone’s Personalized Primary Care Program) I was “wrong by-a-mile”!
I was one of the first selections for this program that I thought was doomed to fail. I am fortunate that I agreed to try this program. I have lost two waist sizes and over 30 pounds. You can see how beneficial this program has been for me. I suggest we give Duany a chance to transition High Point with his ingenuity!
There have been many hours spent on the customization and adaptability of these containers. I hope we will be as excited with this container evolution as I have been with Cornerstone’s PPCP. Be optimistic!
High Point



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