Your View: Writer’s letter was not discriminatory

Dec. 31, 2012 @ 12:57 AM

This is in response to Rev. Joseph Zuschmidt’s letter Dec. 10, regarding the Dec. 5 letter “Can a Muslim be a good American?” I didn’t see that letter in the same frame of mind as Zuschmidt did.
I saw no indication of hatred, but instead saw pity for those that are good Americans and will remain so as long as they are allowed. But we all know what would happen if Islam ever should get control of our country —  God forbid. Then the “good” American Muslims would turn to Islam or be killed with the rest of us.
Discriminatory, no; foster fear, no; and as for defending the remark about our president, read his books and his health care act, H.R. 3200. It is hard for me to comprehend that a man of the cloth would support a president that supports killing babies and homosexuality which is directly against God’s word.
I happened to see a film that was smuggled out of an abortion clinic, so if you want an insight of what partial birth abortion is really like, read my next letter.

Nation’s support of abortion has consequences
One thing puzzles me. If we can butcher an unborn, living child, why can’t we commit suicide if we want to do so?
Why can’t we by law let a doctor end our lives for whatever reason we want? After all, we do have something to say about it. That is more than what the child had. Since abominations are OK, why can’t every time we speak we can start off talking to someone by using God’s name in vain? When you vote for killers to lead a country, there are consequences.
I am ashamed of what we have become. After four years we should be going out of this hole we have dug for ourselves. People wanted four more years of evil. Satan should look after them to carry on his work.
A president said after the fall of Germany, “How could anyone with intelligence not see through Hitler?” The beginning of wisdom is the fear of God. I found that out the hard way years ago, just as a lot of people will if they are lucky.


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