Use jobless veterans to maintain border security

Nov. 08, 2012 @ 06:35 PM

There has been too much talk and not enough action on illegal immigration. We cannot move forward with a total immigration plan without securing our borders. Everything else can and should follow in those footsteps. Secure the border now.
Use returning veterans to accomplish this task. Each returning veteran that did not have a job waiting for them could be placed to secure and build the border fence. We cannot turn our veterans out on the street without helping them secure a future. There should be a one-year transition time to move veterans that do not have a job into full time employment. Coordinate with each border state. Each border state would be responsible for building and securing their border with national guidelines.
Funds for this project can come from a combination of national, state, local and private investment. The national savings for securing the border would far outweigh the cost of building and securing our border.
Each returning veteran would have the opportunity to serve securing the border and building the fence. All veterans who did not have a job opportunity when they returned would be assigned to their state’s National Guard. Forces to build the fence and secure the border would be assigned through each state’s National Guard. Opportunities would also be made in each state for veterans to help train new and current National Guard units or be assigned government work during the one year transition time.
High Point

The night America died
Very sad to report that America passed away late Tuesday night in its sleep. America was born July 4, 1776, and passed away Nov. 6, 2012. America is survived by over 54 million decent, loving, moral people who voted for Mitt Romney. It is also survived by over 53 million American hating, communist, corrupt people who voted for Barack Hussein Obama. Funeral arrangements are incomplete as of now. Please pray for our America.


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