Your View: Guest Column - Obamacare is costing, not serving the people

Jan. 05, 2014 @ 07:54 PM


Democrats and liberals, the majority of which advocate for Obamacare, apparently think 1.1 million who have signed up for coverage as of Dec. 23 is a good thing. They dismiss, as a small number, the 5 million and dependents who have lost their health coverage due to being dropped by their provider. One writer to the Enterprise characterized Obama’s statement that “If you like your health care you can keep it ... period,” as being mostly true. What parallel universe has he been living in?
Forget about the fact that the 1.1 million is a figure generated by the state exchanges., the government website still can’t provide enrollment numbers.
Forget about the fact that 7 million need to enroll by March 15, 2014, and after three months, signups are barely 16 percent of the goal. That’s sign-ups, not enrollees.
Forget about the fact that the majority of enrollees need to be young and healthy to prevent adverse selection against the insurance providers. The young will pay higher premiums to subsidize the cost for the old and sick.
Forget about the fact that many millions of individuals presently covered by small group health plans (under 50 insured lives) will be thrust on the exchanges in 2014 when their employers receive huge renewal premium increases which they can’t afford.
Forget about the supposed penalty people who don’t sign up for Obamacare will have to pay. The first year that penalty is $95 or 3 percent of taxable income. Given the choice, young people will opt to pay the penalty rather than the much higher monthly premium. But wait! Just like in the commercials, there is more in this offer. There are about 12 exceptions to having to pay a penalty. If they don’t work, other protests can be negotiated.
Finally, the State of Hawaii was given $200 million to establish Obamacare exchanges. They were given an additional $53 million to build their website. As of Dec. 23, they had signed up 1,100 people ... at a cost of $230,000 per person.
Come election time, let’s be sure to send all the 535, plus two, back to Washington so they can continue to serve the will of the American people. ... Ouch! I bit my tongue.