Our View: Make 2014 a great one!

Jan. 05, 2014 @ 04:31 AM

We’re a few days into 2014 now. Are you having a Happy New Year yet?
For some people who responded to a national poll by the Associated Press, maybe so. Some 20 percent of those respondents said 2013 was a bad year for them and they couldn’t hardly wait for 2014 to get here.

But according to an Enterprise poll on our home page at hpe.com, a similar number of folks aren’t looking forward to the dawning of this new year. Some 21.5 percent of people who have responded to the Enterprise poll (which is highly unscientific, but very interesting) have said they are “not optimistic at all about 2014.”

That pessimism, however, is not the prevailing mood among folks who have participated in the poll, which requires you only to go to hpe.com and click on a response. Some 24.6 percent of folks say they are “Looking forward to a good year overall.” The top response so far has been “I’m taking 2014 one day at a time and living for the moment.” Some 46.1 percent of participants have clicked that response.

Whatever your thoughts are right now, we encourage you to go to the hpe.com home page and click your preference in the poll.

As for us, we see reasons to be optimistic about 2014 and plenty of opportunities in the year ahead to take actions to bolster that optimistic attitude. Step by step, it seems the nation’s economy is still improving, albeit slowly. But in the coming months, there will be chances for us as a nation to make prudent fiscal decisions to maintain that improvement. And to make sure, we should stay tuned to happenings in Washington and make our feelings known to our representatives.

But on a more individual basis, the new year offers a chance for us to renew those resolutions we may have broken last year and to set new goals. We can again say it’s time to drop a few pounds, stop some bad habits or focus on strengthening relationships.

But whatever one identifies as needing attention, now is the time to begin looking ahead and taking actions to make 2014 a good year.