Letters to the editor: City should review Economics 101

Jan. 05, 2014 @ 04:30 AM

I wonder, does anyone on City Council understand or practice financial responsibility?
Despite a tight city budget council has voted to allow public funds to be spent for the benefit of  HPU with the burying of electrical lines to beautify their campus.  I will remind council HPU is a private school and should not be supported with public funds.

A large portion of Montlieu was closed several years ago and given to the school requiring tax payers to pay a substantial amount for rerouting the streets.  Now the school wants even more streets to be closed and given to the school which will result in added congestion and expense.  I am waiting for the day when council gives HPU control of all of the surrounding streets.

A planner in Miami has been paid to plan for Uptown.  And I thought the city had a planning department for that reason.  They have recommended to have North Main narrowed down to two lanes, “road diet” to enhance pedestrian traffic.  And we paid money for that drivel?  More congestion and it will not slow traffic one iota!  Green space?  Council spent a ton of cash to buy a restaurant for parking spaces and now a planner wants to convert that.

The Pit, what a wonderfully descriptive name. This is just another place for council to drop cash down a deep hole with nothing to show those of us who actually pay taxes.  The idea it will attract students from the surrounding area is absurd at best.

And the Arts Council wants the city to contribute cash to the building they bought and couldn’t afford.  Simple, if you can’t afford it, don’t buy it!

Maybe council needs to take a lesson in Economics 101, don’t spend money you can’t afford to spend!
High Point

HPU needs our support
As my friends and I enjoyed a blessed Christmas celebration at HPU this holiday I was reminded of the tremendously valuable impact High Point’s University has on our city. This event was free to the community and was enjoyed by thousands over two nights. HPU is the one institution that is consistently growing and creating jobs in our city. At the High Point Community Foundation grants meetings, virtually every non-profit consistently talks about all the volunteers they get from HPU and the money students raise through their projects to help children and families in our community. Of course, with growth come challenges- and maybe some inconveniences- but we need to look beyond the short term disruptions and instead focus on the long term benefits the University brings to our city
through jobs, national and international recognition, outstanding faculty experts, free cultural and religious programs, Division I athletics, and so much more. I am proud to be an avid supporter of HPU and choose to focus on its bright future, which means good things for the city my family loves so much.We are fortunate that President Qubein is committed to keeping the University in High Point, and should do all that we can to support him and the University’s expansion efforts. Other cities would love
to benefit from the valuable contributions they would receive by having a part of HPU in their city, but we must do everything we can to ensure those benefits remain in High Point.
High Point