Your View: I still have questions about HPU’s plan

Jan. 03, 2014 @ 09:38 PM

I greatly appreciate the letter from Don Scarborough (High Point University vice president for community relations) published in the Dec. 22 Enterprise. It is a shame that a letter like it was not written and published a week prior to the vote on closing Montlieu Avenue. I hope that any future hearings and/or votes on the subject will be preceded by sufficient displays of plans, graphs, designs, and time-line to enable our elected leaders to make a well informed and valid decision.
I tend to disagree with Scarborough’s contention that as many as four pedestrian bridges would be needed. I confess that I am assuming that those currently using the parking lot on the corner of College and Montlieu are crossing with the aid of the traffic lights and could continue to do so and (in needed) teach anyone just beginning to use the lot to also obey the lights and cross walk. The optimum use of the one pedestrian cross walk I have proposed depends on its design and placement.
There are two questions I would ask Scarborough: When did HPU first realize that their proposed new buildings would not fit on the land they were in the process of buying? And the second question is equally disturbing: When the university needs to build again (and I do doubt that they will) where will they put the next addition?
High Point

About those editorial cartoons ...
Regarding the Opinion page cartoons on Dec. 23:
The cartoons were of Phil Robertson and one of Sarah Palin. Over Robertson was “According to the Bible Homosexuality is a sin.” Over Palin was “According to the Bible so is this” with Palin in pants with gun in hand and Deuteronomy 22:5 being referenced. (“Women should not wear men’s clothing and men should not women’s clothing. This a abomination to God.”)
According to my thinking, when Deuteronomy was written, men and women wore robes. Men had to take a strap between their legs (girt up their loins ) to go into battle. So what was abomination? So my thought, men should not take the place of a women and women should not take the place of a man in a sexual act. That according to God is abomination. Not wearing each others robes.


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Any discussion of energy exploration should include considering the benefits of energy self-sufficiency. Some might prefer the black residue from an oil spill on our beaches over the crimson hue of our youths’ blood washing over distant shores, eh?

High Point University is proposing a plan that would close Montlieu Avenue through campus and use that land to build HPU’s medical science and pharmacy school facilities. What’s your view? In 30 words or less (no name, address required), email your thoughts to or go to under Opinion and post a comment.