Our View: Ups & Downs - David Amerson; shelter thieves

Dec. 27, 2013 @ 04:53 AM

THUMBS UP to former N.C. State football All-American David Amerson who is now making plays in the NFL. Amerson, who lives in Greensboro, but had close tied to High Point while growing up and playing football in his early years, has established a charitable foundation to help support a range of causes and to help alleviate community concerns. Several area families this Christmas were the beneficiaries of the foundation’s generosity. It’s good to see that many highly paid pro-athletes such as Amerson are seeing the value to their communities and to our society in general in setting up foundations such as the David Amerson Foundation to help others.

THUMBS DOWN to whomever is responsible for thefts at the community animal shelter in Fletcher, which is located just south of Asheville. Earlier this year, someone entered the shelter and stole about $1,000 that supporters of the shelter had earned to help fund operations. A few weeks ago, a laptop computer was stolen, and then just last weekend, Christmas decorations were stolen from outside the shelter. The name of the shelter is Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue. It sounds like the shelter needs some angels to watch over the shelter to safeguard the premises. At the very least, maybe now some angels in the Fletcher area will come to the shelter’s rescue.

THUMBS UP to all the folks who saw the story in the Monday’s edition of the Enterprise explaining the city of High Point’s recycling pickup procedures regarding those pesky Christmas and holiday gift wrappings. Giftwrapping paper is not good for the fireplace, and it’s not good for the garbage that goes to the landfill, either. However, as the article stated: “All common wrapping paper, cardboard and paper boxes, as well as packaging and clear plastic materials that are typically used with presents can be recycled.”  We hope plenty of folks heeded that advice and recycling those gift wrappings instead of tossing them in the trash.