Your View: I’m concerned about ‘good-faith actions’

Aug. 12, 2013 @ 08:35 PM

The article on the “Legislature’s proposed budget for 2013-14” in the July 25 HPE indicated a great concern for me. The Legislature appears to take the money for their tax cuts out of education.  Educated employees are a major concern of any industry that plans to locate in North Carolina.
Another item indicated a greater concern for educators and parents, and I am quoting from the HPE article: “allow armed volunteers into public schools as safety officers. Schools could begin seeing the unpaid officers with updated firearms training as early as December.”
I understand that the new law allows all of North Carolina’s public school boards to make agreements with local sheriffs or police chiefs to provide the volunteers, who would have previous experience as either a law enforcement officer or military police officer and receive training in the social and mental development of children. The officers could not be sued for their good-faith actions.
I am very concerned about what “their good-faith actions” actually means. What leeway will these volunteer officers be allowed in determining if a teacher, parent, or student is a threat so they can be allowed to shoot them. What is a good-faith action when you kill someone? 
We as parents and grandparents need to know in great detail what good-faith action really means.  Ask your local school board member about how they plan to manage “good-faith action.”  The total liability should be with the local school boards, since they will make agreements with local sheriffs or police chiefs for the “volunteer” safety officers.

GOP Legislature makes positive changes
Kristine Kaiser has again gone from the absurd to the ridiculous in her July 20 column titled “Why GOP malice toward the needy” by bashing and bad-mouthing the GOP.
She has again stirred my ire and caused me to come to the defense of my party. I don’t think that I have ever in my 78 years read such low-down and trashy comments about any political party apart from what she is spewing forth. Apparently, Kaiser is eaten up with hate for the GOP and she loathes Republicans regardless of what they do or don’t do.
She is also good at conjuring up something bad to say about our country’s previous GOP leaders even if they did try to do something about the very causes that she champions in her columns by calling them “fakers.”
Here is the core of the whole matter, folks — Kaiser and her fellow Democrats (protesters) here in North Carolina are upset and up in arms because the new governing body has moved in and has begun the process of getting us out of debt and directing us to the path of recovery by reducing or cutting out runaway entitlements and giveaway programs that have run rampant for the years that her beloved party has been in control.
Personally, I can’t wait until the next national election to hopefully vote in a sensible GOP leader who has the same goals that our newly elected governor, the honorable Pat McCrory, has implemented.


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• Employees in the central office should be excused from work two days each month without pay (or whatever it takes) with that funding to allow teacher assistants their regular hours.

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