Your View: Guest Column - Commit to shopping in High Point, our hometown

Jun. 04, 2014 @ 07:50 PM


The High Point Enterprise has been filled with headlines surrounding the controversy over The City Project and Ignite High Point for the past few weeks, and there is certainly much there that needs discussion. 
As a native High Pointer born and raised, I am proud of my home city and all the heritage and history that make it so unique.  But that same heritage and history make it an anomaly when it comes to city planning and growth.
The fact that there are diverse opinions over how we should proceed should not be a surprise as we are a diverse city, with interesting opportunities to explore and obstacles to overcome.  So while I am not sure about all the larger issues at hand, and what the correct answer is as to how to proceed with sea-cans and street diets, there is one thing that is crystal clear to me.  If those of us who love High Point want to see if grow and prosper, we have to PERSONALLY invest in it.  And we have to do it every day, continuously. 
When we are planning to go out to eat, dine in High Point.
When we want new clothes or shoes, shop High Point.
When we need gifts for weddings, birthdays or anniversaries, shop High Point. If we want retail to flourish and grow here, we have to spend our money here. 
As others see our current restaurants and retailers succeeding, it will become more attractive to them to invest in more businesses here.  OK, so our selection may not be as broad as some of our neighbors, but it is never going to be if we don’t support the folks who are trying to survive here now.
So, whichever side of the larger issues you are on, come on High Pointers, put your money where your mouth is.  Eat and shop here, in High Point. ... I’m going to the Biscuit Factory for lunch right after I order some flowers from Just Priceless. ... (Oh, and I’m going to be doing my best to buy Made in America!)

Sharyn Andrews lives in High Point.