Your View: Guest Column - N.C. GOP should forget about social issues

Jul. 14, 2013 @ 09:40 PM


In response to the July 9 New York Times article about North Carolina, I would like to simply start by saying that the writer of the Times article leans left on social and economic policies. The beauty of America is the value of opposing views and the ability to agree to disagree. In some ways, he may be right. North Carolina has elected to go all in with Republicans in all three branches of government in Raleigh. Republicans have an opportunity to showcase to the state and to America that conservative principles work. Republicans have an opportunity like they have never had before and if they mess it up, well, it is their fault to own.
In response to allowing federal unemployment benefits lapse and all the other issues the writer raised in his article: That is a matter of debate. Paying individuals for not working is unsustainable. Unemployment insurance needs to be a product the employee purchases on their own in case they get laid off. It needs to be like health insurance, car insurance or any other type of insurance. It is not the responsibility of a business to pay into unemployment. It is certainly not the taxpayer’s responsibility to provide this coverage. Individuals need to be responsible for individuals.
The Republicans, if they are smart, need to focus on the North Carolina economy. They need to forget social issues as a priority. Getting caught up in abortion laws, changing the speed limit, whether you can carry guns into a bar or not. These are rabbit trails Democrats and the media want Republicans to focus on and will result in Republicans being voted out of office. North Carolina has high unemployment and a tax code problem. It can be fixed if Republicans focus on the right issues. Attracting new businesses to the area increases employment, revenue and makes the State a magnet for others to follow.
The tax-rate debate is simple. The sales tax needs to increase to 10.9 percent (for goods under $10,000. Anything over $10,000 will have a maximum sales tax of $1,100 and no more), and at the same time, the individual income tax rate needs to decrease to zero. The corporate tax rate needs to go to zero. By January 2015, the tax rate in North Carolina should only consist of the sales tax and nothing else. No other taxes whatsoever. Any hidden, deceptive or cleverly disguised taxes will be eliminated. No estate tax. No hotel or luxury taxes. No vehicle inspection tax. Even the gasoline tax will be 10.9 percent. North Carolina produces about $350 billion to $450 billion in economic revenue per year. Do the math. A 10.9 percent sales tax on all goods and services will take care of all governmental services and then some.
If Republicans are to be bold and lead North Carolina by displaying conservative thinking then the above is a valid plan. The individual will control more of his or her money and the economy will be attractive for new businesses to come in and set up shop, thus hiring more residents.
There will be the fear-mongering that occurs to tout the changes are regressive on the poor. We have heard it all before. Republicans have to be bold. They have to lead. They have to showcase conservative values working if they are going to continue leading. If they get caught up in all these other issues then they will be voted out. It is that simple.

Robert Lindsay lives in Greensboro.

Following biblical precepts will serve politicians well
The recent New York Times article concerning the impending destruction of North Carolina by the Republicans is funny indeed. Unions, liberalism and massive debt have paralyzed many of the enlightened northern states. My hope and prayer is anyone who thinks as they do will stay where they are and fix their own problems.
Speaking of problems, I won’t talk too much about President Obama because I believe his pride and arrogance have placed him beyond redemption. Besides, he hasn’t listened to the people and still has his own evil agenda. Perhaps those who voted for him have seen a great light by now and realize that Obama is just a little god.
I do have some thoughts for Gov. McCrory and Republicans. I am encouraged that we live in a state where most of the voters had the good sense to make a positive change. That said, Republican leadership will only prosper if they do what is right and not what is politically correct as the Democrats have done.
I believe God’s wisdom is far superior to that of mankind. If God can create our vast universe, then who are we to make our own interpretation of right and wrong? For example, abortion is wrong. So why do some want to celebrate death for convenience and make it easier to terminate healthy babies? Traditional families are also a gift from God. So why do some want to destroy marriage between one man and one woman?
These are just two areas that will define our future as a state and nation. Following the precepts set forth in the Bible will serve our politicians well. After all, this is what made America great. If politicians follow Biblical principles, our state will grow. If not, we will surely get what we deserve.


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• Remember the disgrace Jesse Helms brought the state? So much so he was called senator NO! Well, the GOP taking over state government has brought it all back. The GOP has always wanted to make sure that they has a class of people below them to pick on. They are recreating it in Raleigh.