Your View: Just enforce our current immigration laws

Jun. 28, 2013 @ 08:09 PM

Foreigners who enter the U.S. illegally violate U.S. law. That makes them criminals. Some countries put people in prison for years who enter their country illegally.
It is morally wrong to reward these criminals with privileges U.S. citizens have and with citizenship. That will only encourage even more foreigners to enter the U.S. illegally. Since some in the U.S. Senate introduced a liberal immigration bill, the number of foreigners entering the U.S. illegally has more than doubled, as I understand it.
Some people refer to these criminals as undocumented immigrants. If they are undocumented how can they say there are only 11 million foreigners in the U.S. illegally today? Some people say there are 14 million or more foreigners in the U.S. illegally today.
There are 15 million U. S. citizens without jobs or full-time jobs today. If these criminals are given citizenship, they will take jobs from citizens born in the U.S. because these criminals work cheap. That will drive down some U.S. wages.
Those who do not get jobs will go on welfare at taxpayers’ expense. CBS-TV news reported, if the immigration bill in the U.S. Senate now becomes law, it will cost U.S. taxpayers $6.3 trillion dollars. That would increase the national debt even more.
The reason there are so many of these criminals in the U.S. today is because the government has failed to enforce the laws that protect U.S. borders and carry out deportation laws. It is time to correct the government’s failures and enforce present laws.
Browns Summit

Why be recognized by National Civic League?
Those big, dumb birds that obstruct traffic near my house are Canada, not Canadian, geese. How does an All-America City differ from an all-American city?
One of the recent governors (I can’t remember whether it was Easley or Perdue) had to be gently urged to slow down on handing out Orders of the Long Leaf Pine; they were beginning to be confused with newspaper inserts. If three of the 10 cities in the entire United States that rate All-America City status are North Carolina cities, North Carolina cities must be very good or something else.
Would any sane person want his city recognized by the National Civic League? I am disappointed that it did not occur to any member of the Fourth Estate to investigate the sordid past of this organization.


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