Your View: Washington Street is key revitalization effort

Jun. 26, 2013 @ 10:12 PM

In response to Linda Willard’s letter of June 18, “Washington Street deserves some of city’s attention,” we applaud the efforts of the Hayden-Harman Foundation and what they have done on Washington Street. However, both the city and the City Project have been actively engaged, and I’d like to offer several points:
1. The city paid $150,000 for a Washington Street District plan in 2008 as compared to $50,000 for the downtown master plan.
2. The City Project has received over $35,000 in grant funding to assist in the redevelopment of Washington Street.
3. The City Project partners with the Washington Street Business Association to assist in strengthening the organization and their goals to bring new businesses to the street.
4. The City of High Point partnered with the Hayden-Harman foundation in the construction of the new park on Washington Street.
5. The DPZ team offers a plan the is expressly aimed at NOT trying to make High Point into Greensboro. In fact, the team looked at downtown Greensboro and Winston-Salem and recommends an approach that reflects High Point’s assets and one that will complement the other Triad cities.
If you were on Washington Street recently for the Community Work Day, you would have seen Glenn Chavis giving a tour and many volunteers working hand-in-hand with the city to lay sod at the park. While we can’t say the street is thriving, we do see signs of growth and collaboration among organizations and people!
High Point
The writer is chairman of the City Project board of directors.

It’s not a fancy car, but it runs
To those who trade cars every few years, I would like to brag on mine.
It’s not a fancy car. It’s 17 years old, just turned over 400,000 miles and still runs and drives as well as the day I bought it. It’s never leaked oil. I have made numerous trips to the beach or mountains on the money I would have spent on car payments.
I saved over $1,000 every four months and usually had a nice vacation.
I have never worried about keeping up with the Joneses, who are probably in debt up to their eyeballs.
As for my car’s looks, every time I look out my room at the beach or the mountains, I think of the pleasure she has given me over the years. She is also mine, all mine. To me she is the most beautiful car in town.


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• ABK — anyone but Kay.

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