Your View: We waste what could help those in need

Jun. 25, 2013 @ 08:49 PM

In this time of extreme world chaos of starvation, crime, homelessness, killing for no apparent good reason and war, I believe it is high-time for the people of this most powerful, richest and land of the free — our United States —  to come to their senses and really start helping each other.
We throw away, waste and destroy more than any other country in the world. We would rather take literally tons of good, useful clothes, miscellaneous items, and food and dump it in a landfill or burn it up in backyard barrels. People are starving and freezing to death in our land, yet we don’t care. Just burn it up!
Come on people. Wise up and get off your better-than-thou rear-ends and help the needy and less fortunate. You might sleep better at night and God will bless you. Stores and businesses would rather destroy stuff than give it to a help-the-needy organization, even though it was right next door. Shame! They are afraid they might resell something and get cheated out of 50 cents. Ridiculous! Come on people — wake up!

Guns protect millions from violent crime
Quoting Ronald Reagan, “There you go again” ... Carl Routh (Your View, June 7, “Remember their votes on background checks bill”). Routh’s past assertions lack veracity and continue to the present.
Routh claims “For every case where a gun successfully defended a home, there are 1,000 cases where a gun in a home killed a family member.” Really! According to the FBI, guns owned by individuals prevent between 800,000 and 2 million violent crimes a year (statistics from 2011). During that same year, there were some 8,000 murders by guns, and I’m sure much to the chagrin of Dianne Feinstein, only 323 were caused by rifles ... of all types, including so-called assault weapons. Based on Routh’s assertions, the entire population of the U.S. would have been wiped out.
The Second Amendment was written to allow individuals to protect themselves as well as to prevent tyranny. Countries not allowing private gun ownership have paid a horrific price for their naivete. Twelve million killed in Germany, 50 million killed in Russia, 50 million killed in China, Angola, Uganda and on and on.
Someone please tell me how you are going to keep bad guys from getting a gun, or a knife, or a bomb or an automobile. I guess you could do what the 911 operator in Oregon did when she received a call from a woman who was about to be raped and suggested the caller “ ... ask the assailant to go away.” Tell that to the 13 victims of Richard Ramirez who were shot and/or brutally butchered.
Often prey animals thwart attacks by predators with horns, hoofs, speed and teeth. Remove these protections and the predators (bad guys) always have an advantage. I prefer to protect myself and my family if possible and with any and all weapons available.


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