Our View: It’s been said on hpe.com

Jun. 26, 2013 @ 01:42 AM

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In a Your View letter to the editor headlined “Sometimes the mind just wanders about,” Wayne Quigley Sr. of High Point wrote:
• Politicians who ignore what their constituents want seem to forget those that voted them into office can vote them back out if you anger them enough. (91 percent in favor of background checks to keep guns out of the hands of loonies ignored means 91 percent will end up having to buy guns to protect themselves from criminals who didn’t have to have a background check. Win-win only for the gun and ammo manufacturers.)

In response:
• TaxpayerOne: Background checks are already required for firearms purchases. The question of expanded checks for sales between private individuals failed due to the fact that there is no way to enact nor enforce such checks without establishing a national firearms registry. This is why 86 percent of the public opposed expanded background checks.
• Wayne Quigley to TaxpayerOne: The vast majority of guns sold without background checks to non-relatives occur at gun shows which are currently exempt in most states. In the computer age, background checks can be done in seconds and at low cost. The gun show sponsor could easily set up a computer for this purpose. That’s what the 91 percent are pushing for.

• Gunner to Wayne Quigley: Gun shows have no exemptions under federal law or different rules than anywhere else with the exception that dealers must take an extra step in the sale. That is the law, those are the rules. Period.
To legally sell or give a handgun to another individual by any individual in our state, dealer or not, one must obtain from the recipient of the firearm a permit issued by the sheriff, after the required background check , before passing such possession, or he can be held liable under civil and criminal penalties.

• ChuckBino to Wayne Quigley: If you purchase a weapon from someone without having an ID and background check, it’s a high probability that the thing was illegally gotten. I’d not want to be either party in that one. It isn’t 91 percent at all.
It will not prevent crime or the criminal from getting a weapon.
It is “wishful thinking” and good intentions as a “Band-Aid” to a greater problem of lack of respect for human life.