Your View: Where is moral outrage in this country?

Jun. 14, 2014 @ 12:33 AM

I saw in the news that Medicare/Medicaid will start paying for sex change operations. My sudden vision was of an obese government disability recipient riding in their Medicaid-paid power chair on their way to the hospital to get a taxpayer paid sex change operation!
Where is the moral outrage in this country?  The Left protests on the Legislature’s steps over ending teacher tenure. Big deal.  Where is the “Moral Majority”? I think they all died. Or worse yet, they have been brainwashed.
The Department of Justice under Obama has seriously abridged the First Amendment (free speech). Every word on race, religion, sexual preference is monitored for the potential of a “hate crime.” The liberal media cries out resulting in Duck Dynasty trashed, Paula Deen canceled, Condoleezza Rice speech canceled, and the forced sale of NBA franchises, and on and on.
Hitler had his “brown shirts” roaming the streets in Germany to make sure everyone toed the Nazi line. We have our brown shirts today in the USA by Hollywood, the liberal media, universities, the courts, all engaged to make sure that we follow the liberal social agenda.
The seeds of fascism are being sown in our beloved nation.
Every great nation has an “event” that usually signals its total downfall. Be on the lookout. My guess is when the liberals force Fox News off the air.
High Point

Politics and religion are about control
The instinct of “politics” and “religions” produces organized racism, “relationship” without “fellowship,” contrived in shrewdness, cruelty, through diplomatic immunity actions usually resulting in unscrupulous inhumane results. Politics and religion instigates a natural reflex to control, dominate or reinvent a stimulus required hope through the power of force and the psychic “fear of freedom.”
Freedoms of will, speech, faith and beliefs of race have double-meanings because people choose to be “double-minded.” Freedom is not free if people do not have “right thinking” instead of “thinking right.” Politics makes people do what they want to “think is right” (selfish), not doing what is “right to do” (unselfish), these result in unstable, unjust, unreal, and unfair decision-making in laws, rules, policies and standards of commandments or constitutions.
Blackmail politics is a “marketing tool” that has allowed the “political selling” of the Constitution’s partial truth versus whole truth. President Obama is a “black male” being held in contempt and blackmail through a “white male” dominated Republican House, who believe in “being fair,” not “being right.” Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, a black male, fought for himself using the words “institutionalized racism,” allows himself to be blackmailed by “white male” justices, and uses his freedom; not to speak.
“Constitutionalized racism” is more harmful than “institutionalized racism”; our Constitution represents inclusiveness of all the American people equally and just. Institutions are governments, unions, corporations, and organizational users as Republican-Democrat Congress, Senate-house, liberal-conservative, or independent.                      Money “answers all things” (need and greed), but is not the answer for all things, money makes people free and enslaves them too! America’s forefathers were supposedly building the Constitution on Christian principles, but it was also underscored with racism. Government justifiably fights against the evilness of al-Qaida and Muslim and Islamic extremists, but allows racists to remain free!


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