Your View: Break city’s racial barriers and move forward

Jun. 15, 2014 @ 12:32 AM

I'm so tired of the High Point City Council — nothing is their fault — how can High Point
move forward, if we are racially divided? It doesn't matter whether the mayor is black or
white; we can't accomplish anything because everyone on the Council has their own
Will a new City Council be better? Probably not, until High Point heals, fixes, or at least works
on the racial barriers for the betterment of High Point. We have to stop judging people
because of the color of their skin, this is 2014, and we should be past this and if we
have to judge, judge by their character.
The churches, the Ministerial Alliance of High Point, need to bring this city together. Where are we? The ministers, pastors, bishops, apostles, etc., need to come together,
regardless of our church affiliation, to work together, to bring unity to High Point.
The next election — will it make a difference to put new people in office if they still have
the same mentality 'whites don't support black ideas and blacks don't support white
ideas' — I think not.
For the betterment (improvement) of High Point, what do we do — we bind together and
break the racial barriers and move forward.
High Point

Great photos of a city tragedy
Congratulations to photographer Laura Greene on the amazing photos of the collapse of the Kilby Hotel. Praise the Lord  nobody was hurt or Injured.
It truly is a travesty that the historical landmark, was allowed to get in such a dilapidated state. Like everything else that is going on in this city, putting matters off seems to be the normal thing to do.
You could sign me “a disappointed citizen.
High Point

A sad end to historical property
I once believed as Richard Wood (Inaction caused the Kilby to fall). I was actually considering writing Oprah and Maya Angelou and started researching the Kilby to make a case for them to invest in its revitalization.
But there's not much anyone can do if you don't have a willing seller that doesn't have the means to refurbish the p
roperty. It's just sad for all citizens in High Point to lose another piece of historical property.
High Point



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