Your View: Parental rights, not DSS should be supreme

Jun. 05, 2014 @ 09:50 PM

Hillary Clinton reportedly authored a book called “It Takes a Village.” I’ve not read the book, but I’d like to think the theme is that we all have an obligation to set good examples for children in our community. However, the “Village,” i.e., the State, should never replace loving parents who have primary responsibility for the child.
A young couple was fostering a child with the approval of the county’s Department of Social Services (DSS).  The child was born to unwed parents with a history of drug and physical abuse. After nine months in the care of this fostering couple, the DSS evaluations showed the baby was meeting its developmental goals.  Due to a disagreement with DSS, they took the child into the DSS system.  With the approval of the biological parents, the young couple is trying to adopt the child. The DSS is fighting that adoption.
The DSS is unconcerned about the welfare of the child since it took the baby out of the stable environment the young couple provided. The judge also seems unconcerned for the interests of the child. The biological mother told the judge her child was sick and losing weight in DSS foster care.  The judge said, “Well, babies get sick.” Further, the judge would not allow testimony from the dozen or so people there in support of the adopting couple.  She ordered us out of the courtroom and ruled that we were not to speak to any of the principals in the case. Perhaps the DSS, with the help of the judge, is using the baby as a pawn in the “system” to gain job security and a bigger budget.
The process was a travesty of justice, an impingement of parental rights.  A “village” cannot take the place of loving and caring parents.

Check out county shelters and puppy mills
Just because we are an agricultural state, it does not mean our companion animals have to suffer and then die. Other states have their farm animals and companion animals separated. North Carolina could too if everyone would make enough noise.
Anyone opposed to Gov. Pat McCrory’s efforts for North Carolina animals, I invite you to take a field trip to a county shelter and a puppy mill. Get a head count of how many just died in that shelter and see the suffering of puppy mill animals for yourself. Take notice of the deplorable conditions they live in, in both facilities. Reminder: county shelters are not permanent homes for the animals you do not want. They get 72 hours in most shelters and all are not photographed and put on the adoption floor.
Those of you who purchase from expensive breeders, ask to see the parents of that cute puppy. Examine the living conditions and ask to see the mom’s medical records. Ask how many times she’s been bred. I’m sure you’ll be surprised, hopefully sickened and then will join us in our fight for North Carolina companion animals.
Spay/Neuter/Love. ... Get your pet fixed to prevent overpopulation and shelter deaths! There are plenty of low-cost spay/neuter clinics in North Carolina. For low-income families, there are animal organizations that will provide vouchers to help with the cost.
Thank you.


Gov. McCrory has signed into law a bill that will allow permits for gas drilling using the fracking method as early as next spring. What’s your view? In 35 words or less (no name, address required), email your thoughts to or go to under Opinion and post a comment. Here is one response:
• Fracking is a NO-NO! Jobs are temporary! Politicians aren’t telling this. Another disaster America can’t afford. Speaking of ruining our environment, water supply, homes, and farmlands, this would do it.