Kristine Kaiser: Time for Tillis, Cooper and Wos to go

Jun. 06, 2014 @ 04:45 PM

An occasional political housecleaning is good for the public; it opens up possibilities and freshens things.  Indeed, long-overdue resignations are sometimes just what the people need. I can think of three North Carolina officials who should step down now.
North Carolina Speaker of the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate candidate Thom Tillis is first on my list of people who should go. He is fundraising for his U.S. Senate seat while leading the business of the state.  While such fundraising is not illegal since Tillis is a state official running for a federal seat, it seems very unethical.
Tillis is in a position where he could trade favors for campaign cash.  Corruption is possible.
Also his working time is divided between the NCGA and his U.S. Senate campaign. The public expects him to be at his best. He should not use his official position to woo voters. The self-serving tactic politicizes all the work of the state. Surely, even politics can be overdone.
Since Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan has agreed to multiple televised debates, Thom Tillis should have plenty of opportunity to make his case for the U.S. Senate before a broad audience. He should not use the business of the state as an officious forum.  Certainly, for the benefit of North Carolina, Speaker Tillis should resign his current post.
Attorney General Roy Cooper should resign. He has signaled that he is running for the governor’s office in 2016. Yet, his top cop duties often conflict with many issues.
He has stated that he is personally against the 2013 massive anti-voter laws, but he also says that it is his job to defend the suppression laws in court. Can he be for and against an issue at the same time? Oh, it’s a must, his duty. Sorry, we receive all too many mixed messages from politicians. Cooper’s “duty” doesn’t make the confusion easier.
Cooper insists that he is a lawyer, and that lawyers are often called upon to defend personally disagreeable matters. If he is going to be Janus-faced, how can we trust his principles?
Roy Cooper’s political credentials are strong enough that he can run a very effective gubernatorial campaign without being the sitting attorney general. Resigning would only enhance his credibility. Cooper should not perplex the public. He needs to be clear in 2016.
Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Aldona Wos must go on her way as well. She should go because of her incompetency in running the state agency. From lavish salaries for novice campaign staffers to long delays for food stamp recipients, Wos has proven that the cabinet position is over her head.  It’s too much for her.
Ironically, she is a wealthy donor to the McCrory gubernatorial campaign and was put in charge of the agency most responsible for the poor.  Dr. Wos does not seem to understand the urgency of getting food stamps to people in a timely manner. She really doesn’t seem able to understand the poor, a must for a person in charge of the DHHS.
Secretary Wos has provoked the criticism of state Democrats and Republicans. She remains in her position through Gov. Pat McCrory’s favor; McCrory doesn’t upset his big donors. He’s easy with them, coddling their way through the tough times.  Wos’s departure is long overdue and would benefit the state. Dr. Aldona Wos should now resign.
June is not too late for major housecleaning. Tillis, Cooper, and Wos, should go away as loose bits from a shook rug.  Surely, North Carolina is ready to come clean of its officials, who for one reason or another, aren’t well-suited to serve the state in their present jobs.
Kristine Kaiser is a writer living in Kernersville. Contact her for comments at: Representations of fact and opinions are solely those of the author.