Your View: Evidence is clear that CO2 levels are up

Mar. 15, 2013 @ 01:46 AM

The recent guest column by Miles Talbert was very interesting.  He asserts the International Panel on Climate Change is foreign dominated.  An international panel will always be foreign dominated.  But the real question is dominated by whom?  Is it Eurocentric or truly international in representation?
Working Group I on Sources of Climate Change is co-chaired by representatives from Switzerland and China.  Working Group II addresses Impacts, Adaptability and Vulnerabilities and is co-chaired by an Argentine and a U.S. representative.  Working Group III looks at Mitigation in Climate Change and is co-chaired by Cuba, Germany and Mali.  The final group — the Task Force on Greenhouse Gasses is co-chaired by Brazil and Japan.
A super majority of world climate scientists are convinced that we are experiencing global warming caused primarily by human activities which is resulting in climate change; however, Talbert believes there is no scientific evidence that CO2 is tied to global warming.  The level of CO2 in our atmosphere for over 800,000 years did not exceed 300 parts/million (PPM).   In the last 100 years, the level of CO2 in our atmosphere has shot through the 300 PPM level and is now about 375 PPM.  We do not normally look at the weight of CO2 but rather the volume of CO2.
To suggest nuclear submarines in the Arctic are causing ice melt there is so preposterous that it does not bear refutation.  The Pacific Ring of Fire are volcanoes which are a natural cause of climate change. But they have been around for decades. There is no doubt clean energy will be more expensive that dirty coal, but is the cost saving worth the damage to our environment?  The cost of clean energy is coming down while the total cost of dirty coal is moving up.  Wind mills and solar panels do not use energy; rather they produce clean energy.
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