Your View: Lack of budget puts fiscal house in disarray

Mar. 11, 2013 @ 10:32 PM

The U.S. government is the largest financial entity in the world. On Sunday, April 29, it will be exactly three years since the U.S. Senate passed a budget.  Why has the Senate decided to violate the law and proceed with $3.8 trillion  dollars in spending, $16.4 trillion dollars in debt, and $65 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities without the guidelines of a budget?
President Obama attacks the Republicans over raising our debt-ceiling balance. “We are not a deadbeat nation,” he says.  No, we are a nation floundering in debt without a leader.  No CEO  would attempt to run a business without the guidelines of a budget.  Obama seems to look on the budgeting process as yet another political maneuver.
The president’s 2012 budget proposal was rejected by a rate of 97-0 in the Senate and Rep. Mike Mulvaney, R-S.C., sponsored a budget proposal based on Obama’s 2013 budget plan and it was defeated by a vote of 414-0.  This was a repudiation of Obama’s leadership ... and this is the man who will decide to increase our debt limit by $1.4 trillion dollars which they have spent without budget guidelines.
The Senate has the votes to pass a real budget and show us their plans for the future.  They don’t want to produce a budget because then they would be held accountable.  Our nation’s debt is $52,196 per citizen, or $145,762 per taxpayer.  If Obama raises the debt limit by $1.4 trillion dollars each taxpayer will owe an additional $4,000.
Is this what Obama meant when he said he was going to “fundamentally” change the United States government?  Our country’s fiscal house is in disarray; the U.S. credit rating is in jeopardy; entitlement spending is ballooning; defense spending is on the chopping block and the economy is in shambles.
1,000 days without a budget. ... Need I say more?

Maybe we’re just getting closer to Sun
This boondoggle has gone on long enough!  Al Gore has made millions with this scam; and the environmental lobby has raised millions to help put a fool in the White House with this scare tactic.
I think most people understand that when we send satellites and other objects into space, they fall into an orbit around the earth.  Every time they make a cycle, they get closer to the Earth and eventually burn in our atmosphere.  This same principal applies to our planet!  Every cycle we make around the Sun, we get closer and closer; and eventually we will do the same as a satellite, unless the Sun burns up first.  As we near the Sun, we get very slightly hotter and hotter.  This is global warming!  Burning fossil fuels might have a very slight difference, but is negligible.
What fools we are to listen to this garbage, especially since it’s nothing but politics and trillions of dollars to the oil companies and the federal government.  Our president, in his wisdom, uses the environmentalists to prevent our becoming free of foreign oil and therefore free of debt.
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