Your View: Women who qualify should be allowed in combat

Jan. 26, 2013 @ 02:16 AM

As a supporter of equal rights, I think that it is a good thing that women will be allowed in combat. I know that the average man is stronger than the average woman, but if a woman is qualified for a particular military job then she should be allowed to apply for it.
I don’t want women to die in war, but I also don’t want men to die in war. If women are willing to fight for our government, then they should have a chance. Women should have the same legal and political rights as men.

We have let hate overtake love
Our nation’s taxes and the mental health issue surrounding guns are not the main problems in the United States of America; the ultimate problem is we have decided to live and die by the “sword.” People claiming to be Christians in a nation full of self-righteous, self-inflicted suicidal injustices, as other countries began to mirror the “Wild West.’ The swords of hatred, hypocrisy, injustice, toward each other causes “love and care” to be transformed into “hatred and war” against one another. Laws and injustices of those same laws determine the relationships and fellowships of our lifestyles.
We live and die by the swords (rules) that we create whether good or evil. Our forefathers using constitutional laws that were at best unfair and unjust for all people, determined a way of life at a high cost/risk for many. Today many of these laws should be deleted, not debated. These laws cause and maintain diversity, division and destruction with divisive separation.
United we should stand, but divided as it seems, many will fall. Our government criticizes other governments for injustices with the exception of Israel, because it believes God justifies their evil leadership, just as our own. Racism and death seem to be swords that will live until the end of time. These are the same people who believe that guns do not kill people, but guns constitutionally protect them from people killing them.
Our pastors and church members (born again Christians) are to be community organizers, but have chosen the “sword of hate” for one or the other, instead of the “sword of love.” We the people are not the same race, color, gender, nationality, creed or religion, but we all breath the same air and bleed the same guilty or innocent blood!


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