Your View: Attend Council meetings to get full story

Jan. 25, 2013 @ 01:30 AM

Citizens of Trinity that read the weekly papers seldom get the whole story of what is going on when the City Council meetings are held. Newspapers are limited in what they can report and how many words are allowed in a story.
For example, the news stories don’t report the blatant disregard for procedure exhibited by several members coming to meetings with their minds already made up and their motions already written, and shared between them. The news stories don’t reflect the gamesmanship going on with council members craftily postponing votes until they have the votes to carry the decision they want.
The paper may inform the public of the newly appointed committee or board members. What it will not report is how two citizens that have proven their dedication for years were replaced because their views were not in line with the council majority. The newspaper doesn’t reflect how a council woman recently misrepresented two conversations in attempt to justify why she did not want to allow a dedicated citizen to complete his second term on the Parks and Infrastructure subcommittee. The stories don’t reflect how three council members took mayor appointed committee changes in stride after the 2011 election or how the others have refused to accept the most recent mayor-appointed changes.
If citizens want to see how their elected officials really behave, don’t take my word for it, come to the meetings and come to your own conclusions. In less than 10 months, citizens of Trinity will have an opportunity to make a change in the current direction of our council and our city. An informed vote will more likely get what our city needs.

Don’t disparage our U.S. Navy personnel
In response to Joseph Daye’s letter in Your View on Jan. 22, “ Obama misdirects his paycheck threats”:
I take personal comments about drunken sailors as an attack on myself and others who have served in the U.S. Navy. First, I know just as many “civilians” who drink as much and more often than a lot of my shipmates.
Second, unlike our president, drunken sailors know that when you run out of money, you quit spending.
This is not a personal attack on Joseph Daye, because I know lots of “preachers” and other “men of the cloth” that use this phrase also.
In closing, may God bless you and America.
High Point



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