Your View: With all this talk of a government takeover ...

Mar. 05, 2013 @ 03:22 AM

We hear, especially in discussions about gun control, that the government is going to “take over” and then take away our guns. So let’s explore the takeover scenario.
What should the government take over?
• Providing retirement to older citizens — no wait, they already are;
• Ensuring standard educational opportunities for our children — no wait, they already are;
• Ensuring access to healthcare — no wait, they already are;
• Protecting us at work — no wait, they already are;
• Protecting our food and drugs — no wait, they already are;
• Providing police services to protect the citizens — no wait, they already are;
• Providing unemployment benefits — no wait, they already are;
Government takeover? No wait, they already have. We still have our guns, but if the government stops providing for those things I’ve listed (and the others I’ve forgotten about) we’ll all be living in caves, looking for firewood and trying to stay warm. Instead, I’m going to make a few suggestions for other things that the government can take over.
The government can create the —
• Division of Interior Maintenance to eliminate the necessity to clean toilets and other matters.
• Division of Exterior Maintenance to eliminate the necessity to mow, paint, rake leaves and other matters.
• Division of Shopping to provide the shopping services and eliminate the necessity and bother we now have, and other matters.
• Division of Chauffeurs to drive us around to run our errands, unless of course we create a Division of Errands.
Creating these divisions will virtually eliminate the unemployment situation we now face and people will feel better when the only thing they have to worry about is polishing and cleaning their guns and waiting for Early Childhood Nutrition to raid their homes and take away their guns. Hey, Early Childhood Nutrition is “government” too.

Be on the lookout for corporate greed
My wife and I are in our late 70s. We have been with a long series of propane gas providers since 1953. Every few years one provider would be bought out by another provider then another, then another and so on. We have been with our present provider for many years and the same tank has been at the same place for around 13 or 14 years.
The time was, that a meter was between their tank and the line to the house. We paid for our usage only, then they did away with this meter and billed from their meter on their truck.
It takes nine-tenths of a gallon to fill up the hose before it is connected to the tank. I have observed this twice over the last several years. When questioned, the driver said the first customer of the day pays to fill the hose. I question this practice, I question the customer paying for leaks in their equipment.
The other day, I received a bill telling me to pay $80.06 rent on this tank after 13 years. If an audit was conducted, would it show how many times the cost of this tank has been written off (depreciated) from their inventory?
This seems like another example of corporate greed and to h--- with loyal customers and old people and their hardships.



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