Your View: Government, Obama must save money, cut spending

Mar. 04, 2013 @ 04:19 AM

What does the future hold for us the way things look now? It’s not going to be good.
Before Obama became president, he said President Bush should not raise the debt ceiling. But now Obama has spent more and wants to borrow more than all the other presidents put together.
Why does the government not see what they are doing is wrong? All they care about is themselves. They are looking after us like the top people looked after Enron Corp. If we did what the politicians do, we would go to prison for it.
With all the money they waste from port to phone, they could save millions. Obama could save millions by staying in Washington long enough to do something. You never hear them say a word about cutting their benefits or pay. Let’s cut out agencies and staff that do nothing but draw a check.
The only jobs that have been created are government and union — look at our import and export difference since NAFTA and CAFTA and free trade. The country gave our factory jobs away. How are they going to make jobs without factories and manufacturing?
I see people on social service that have it made a lot better than those on Social Security. They get a lot more than we do from housing and medications and did not work or pay anything into the system. Why does the government not check the people out better?
I see people that have used it for years and pass it from one generation to the other. The whole country has the outlook of, “Why work — we can get it free.” Wrong!
That is what is wrong now from the president on down. The country was built on work and can’t survive without it.

Let government personnel cut their pay
I read an article in the Enterprise where the government is planning to reduce the jobless employment benefits. My husband has not had a job in six years; so I know what it is to just get by.
I have a house-trailer that is paid for; so I don’t have to pay the high price of renting or high house payments. I have to pay rent for my lot. My husband will begin to receive retirement Social Security soon. We made it — thank you, Jesus.
So the reason I am writing is not about me. It is about those that are trying to “just get by.” Government is living off of wages paid by the American people. They never cut their pay. When they retire, their check keeps right on going.
Places close their business and a person has just 12 to 20 weeks to find a job. The debt of this country is staggering, but the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. The rich make their own laws. The poor just have to accept it.
They have their own health insurance that covers everything. We don’t have that. These leaders will one day have to pay the price just like the rich man in the Bible. Lazarus won.



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