Your View: Guest Column - More gun bans won’t protect us from criminals

Mar. 04, 2013 @ 02:16 AM


In response to “Resolve this runaway-obsession with guns” (Andrea L. Jackson, Feb. 17):
Where are the facts to support the opinions? I challenge the writer to define the “many excellent life-saving proposals to curtail gun-related deaths;” quasi-religious nonsense of the Second Amendment idiocy. Really? No need to pretend value exists in the Second Amendment? The writer states “civilized debate is good,” yet I find no civility in the letter as written, no facts, only emotion and seemingly an underlying anger with those that disagree.
The Bill of Rights was ratified in December 1791 and has guided this great country for over 220 years. The Second Amendment is the protection the people have from the government. Learn history or be doomed to repeat it. Look at the numerous cases of genocide by governments in the last 80 years: Germany 1933, 12 million deaths; Russia 1933 Joseph Stalin, 6 million deaths; Cambodia 1975 Pol Pot, 1.7 million deaths; North Korea Kim II Sung, 1.6 million deaths; Ethiopia, 1.5 million; Angola 400,00; Uganda 300,000 and the list goes on and on. This is what can happen to unarmed citizens.
Guns and lawful citizens owning guns is NOT the problem. The problem lies with the criminals, gang bangers, mentally ill who are not concerned about the law. If laws and gun control worked, why do two of the largest cities in America both of which have very strict gun control laws on the books have outrageous homicide rates? ... Chicago 2012 over 500 homicides; New York City 2012 over 400 homicides.
The 500th homicide in Chicago was 40-year-old with “an extensive arrest record and a known gang member.”  A known criminal killed with a gun in a city that has strict gun control laws by obviously an illegal gun. I doubt seriously the shooter was John Q Citizen without a record using his or her personal weapon whether it was a semi-automatic high capacity magazine or not!
Unfortunately for the liberal, gun-control advocates in this nation such as the Feb. 17 writer, armed citizens absolutely reduce crime as evidenced by the declining crime rates in direct relationship to the approval of conceal carry laws and increased guns sales. Has anyone noticed, the terrible mass shootings such as Sandy Hook take place where the shooter has reasonable assurance there will not be an armed citizen? Schools, malls, theaters are “gun free” zones. Why have we not seen a mass shooting at a police station? Maybe because the folks there are armed?
Heart disease, alcohol and auto accidents cause far more deaths each year than guns. Where is the outrage if urgency to save lives is the true intent of those who what gun controls and or gun bans? America tried to ban alcohol with Prohibition. Well, that didn’t work out so well. Does any reasonable thinking individual really think additional controls or bans will fare any better? Criminals break laws, which is why they are criminals. Does anyone think they will abide by additional gun laws?

Mike Hancock lives in Trinity.