Your View: Guest Column - Is global warming a lie?

Mar. 02, 2013 @ 01:11 AM


We have an International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This panel has recommended regulation of C02 emissions. The IPCC is a foreign-dominated panel, and I think this to be a covert political move to sabotage our enormous fossil fuel reserves. I believe there is absolutely no scientific evidence that C02 is tied to any “global warming” signs.
In a recent article in the Enterprise, the IPCC cited a 38 billion ton/day C02 emission as carbon footprint pollution. While 38 billion tons/day may be true, labeling it as a pollutant is an outright lie and I have scientific proof of that sitting on my desk. What follows is the truth.
The weight of our atmosphere is about 5.9 X 10 to the15th tons. The current weight of C02 in the atmosphere is about 2.7 X 10 to the 12th tons. The addition of 3.8 X 10 to the 10th tons per day of C02 means 1.387 X 10 to the 13th tons per year added. I have a 1956 edition of Lange’s Handbook of Chemistry that shows the air content to be the same as it is now. We are breathing the same air as we did in 1956. Since we have added more C02 in the last 57 years than our entire atmosphere weighs, where did it all go? Does Jim Corey know? Does Gary Parker know? (Editor’s note: This reference is to Your View — Jim Corey, Feb. 18 “Oil companies prices will do them in” and Gary Parker, Jan. 28 “Cap and trade helps protect environment” and previous commentaries by them.)
I know that that 38.2 billion tons per day goes into producing about 24 billion tons of that “green” you are supposed to be thinking about, and it also produces a like amount of oxygen. Did those fellows make it through those science classes that dealt with chemistry and physics? Did those fellows stumble a little on photosynthesis, or are they trying to cram Gore science down our throats?
I think the satellite pictures have been an information overload on that segment of our society that has an insufficient science background, such as Al Gore and President Obama. Is our Arctic melting? Consider the Pacific ring of fire, and nuclear submarines in the Arctic as source of that melt. Far more likely than C02, in my view.
This alliance between the people of power and our environmentalists such as the EPA could do severe damage to our economy and ironically to our environment. Ask yourself, how much “green” will a windmill or any other “clean” energy device produce? Then ask yourself if this “clean” energy is really worth up to triple the cost of our “dirty” coal-fired energy. Are we being lied to? You know what I think

Miles Talbert lives in Trinity.

Constitution is a secular document
Last Sunday, Feb. 24, was the 25th anniversary of a ruling by the USA Supreme Court that expanded legal protection for parody and satire.  Its 8-0 decision overturned a $150,000 award that the Rev. Jerry Falwell had won against Larry Flynt of Hustler Magazine. This action joined many others resulting in the court’s continuing the dismantling of religious privilege. It is restoring our Constitution to the secular document intended by our Founding Fathers.
Still, many religions incessantly cozy up to political influences trying to maintain and insert their particular prejudices into our governing bodies.  Superstition grounded in the supernatural should remain in the imagination of religion. Government should operate on reason and reality, the true basis for inspiration and successful consequences.
Little River, S.C.
The writer is a former High Point resident.


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