Your View: ‘Sharing the wealth’ is not act of charity

Feb. 21, 2013 @ 09:40 PM

One of my favorite sentences in our Holy Bible is Jeremiah 1, 5, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.”
While I subscribe to the theory we are created equal (we each receive genes from a father and mother, which are combined with the spark of light from God).  With this said, I explain my Christian position on abortion. When a woman chooses to terminate a child God has placed in her womb for personal convenience, God may judge her to be sinful.  Therefore, when politicians enact laws that declare an adult woman’s God-given freewill trumps that of the child in her womb, I believe they err, arrogantly elevating human knowledge above that of God.
Similarly, it is my opinion the welfare program existing and administered by secular governments is a travesty.  As a Christian, I believe in the concept of charity.  We are admonished to give love and aid to those less fortunate.
Liberalism confuses the concept of charity with human values of fairness and equality. We certainly were created equal, but if God had intended that which he created to remain equal, He would have given everyone the same genes and His spark of life would not have included freewill.  I believe God’s plan to be: He will judge each of us on how we utilize our human talents to fulfill His total plan for humanity.  Therefore, the liberal hype of equality and fairness to justify their program of “share the wealth” is definitely not charity.  If our “welfare program” was “fair,” we would not still have homeless people on our streets or an elderly population who cannot afford medications. Charity is for people to practice – not governments to control.
God Bless.
High Point

Some view gun rights differently than others
Many thanks to Andrea Jackson (Feb. 17 “Resolve this runaway-obsession with guns”) for edumacating this backwoods hillbilly on the progressive interpretation of Second Amendment rights. It seems he’s taken a que from the illustrious one on the demonization of an opponent, i.e., Romney was a cancer-causing, dog-abusing, rich guy; you know that sort of tactic. But I never heered so many high-falootin words in all my born days. I had to check my Funk and Wagnall’s three times!
Maybe one day if we get to that great progressive utopia that some believe in, that allows government to provide all and dictate all, no hillbilly hollerin’ will be needed to try and preserve America’s last line of defence.
I only hope at some point in time if the rule of law collapses in this country and Chicago violence becomes the norm, Jackson and others won’t come hillbilly pandering for protection. At that time he and others might get a redneck adage, Don’t let yer mouth overload yer asterisk!



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