Your View: End the idiocy of U.S. foreign aid

Feb. 20, 2013 @ 09:22 PM

With our national debt approaching $17 trillion dollars, how much are we giving to foreign countries as foreign aid and why? The usual answer to “why” is that we are the most powerful and greatest country in the world ... and we try to prove it with aid to other countries. This even though we might be on the verge of a depression ourselves.
While the U.S. foreign aid amounts to about 1 percent of our total budget, that’s still $56 billion and another $14 billion for military assistance. This $70 billion is a lot of money. Obama’s projected $70 billion represents an increase of 7 percent.
Regardless of the fact that 1 percent of the national budget is foreign aid, why are we giving aid to many of our admitted enemies? As long as there is no declared war, our military budget is nothing more than foreign aid.  For instance, Russia received $506.9 million in 2010. We gave China $2.6 billion, Egypt $1.55 billion, North Korea $1.3 billion between 1995 and 2008,  Afghanistan requested $3.1 billion, Pakistan $3.1 billion, Cuba $20 million, Venezuela $5 million. Iran has gotten $1 billion
Are we crazy or what? Our military budget was $711 billion in 2012. Homeland Security was $57 billion. The Iraq war cost between $806 and $1 trillion. A report out of Brown University estimates the U.S. war in Afghanistan, Iraq and counterinsurgency in Pakistan will all told cost $4 billion and leave 225,000 civilians and soldiers dead. This did not take into account $513 billion promised Afghanistan for reconstruction and state and local contributions to veteran care.
How much are we spending to protect Japan from China? How much are we spending to protect South Korea from North Korea ... Israel from Iran?  China, North Korea and Iran are all receiving U.S. foreign aid. We  are giving foreign aid to enemy countries then spending megabucks to protect our allies from the enemy. Are we crazy or what?
It is time we all wrote our representatives in Washington and demand an end to this idiocy.


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